Call to be a Deacon?


The two vocations are completely different. They always will be. If you feel a call to be a deacon that’s great, good for you, but dont think of it as a substitute for a priest or as a priest with benefits. It’s it’s own call. No one can or should tell you what your call is from some words. Keep praying and see a spiritual advisor and talk to your priest. Also a deacon. A call to a vocation is not a quick thing like a text message from God and you are done, it takes time and a lot of patience. Keep praying (I suggest adoration if you can) and God will reveal His plans to you in due course. He does want you to know, but His time is not our time, so pray and find out more information and see where things go. Let Him lead you, don’t try to lead Him. You can read some books/leaflets on discernment too, your parish should have them. God bless you


Does my MA in Theology from Fuller Theological
Seminary count for anything with the CC?


Then you need to be Confirmed, then have your marriage blessed before you can even consider application for the Diaconate.

If God wants you there, you’ll both get through it.



Something isn’t adding up here. Too many contradictions in this thread.


Like how is that?


Did you learn the tenets of the Catholic Faith there?


Well, in post 7 you said of your wife, “she’s an Evangelical struggling with me returning to the Catholic faith.” Now she’s attending Mass and receiving the Eucharist.


Not in great detail as I would of liked. I did learn the formation of the 2000 year history of Christianity, which today helped me come back to the CC.


Not possible. I do know of a Catholic who started there, to complete a graduate program. But they are an Evangelical school. Don’t know why the gentleman chose them, actually, since Catholic University of America and others have low residency programs and would be far better choices for a Catholic.


I know it sounds confusing. How you think I feel. Though she goes and participates in mass, she says she’ll do both. She even argued with the Priest over this. He told her she can’t attend both churches.


Well originally I went there to be an Evangelical Minister. These Credentials open doors to be a Pastor at many churches, except the CC I guess.


And they’re a fine choice with a great reputation, for that. I don’t think there’s any cutting corners on the diaconate training, though.
Not that you should even be thinking about the diaconate right now. You and your wife should both attend RCIA. Thats where catechism occurs, for adults. That’s my take, anyway


Isn’t RCIA for those not Baptized, nor did their 1st communion? We both have that. Confirmation we still need.


You need to talk to your priest. He may suggest an alternate catechetichal path, I don’t know. RCIA would certainly be a methodical option. Obviously you don’t have to be baptized again. But Confirmation is a Sacrament, and there is a preparation process that includes education in the faith–i.e. catechism.


I went through it, and I was already baptized RC as well. Already had an MS in another field, and was taking grad classes in Catholic theology. Still, completed RCIA and was confirmed. It’s only one evening a week.


What you hear is a call to mission. It occurs at the dismissal of each and every mass. Consider that there are quite a few married priests, even in the Latin Rite. In the Eastern rites, married priests have been the norm. As to Deacons, they are called to serve, and that must be the overarching mindset when pondering a vocation.

As well, vocational discernment is often a lengthy and agonizing process. It can take years. Do you have a good spiritual director?


No spiritual director yet. If I go to my previous spiritual Pentecostal directors they would say things so bad against the CC i can’t even post it here.

My Catholic friend at work said I was to be a CC Deacon because of my theological training.


If a friend said this, it is not a solid reason to consider such a vocation. Friends say many things. Consider what Job’s friends said. God was not pleased with them. Rather, one must pray over this, most likely for an extended period of time. Years, perhaps - shedding probably no blood, but much sweat and many tears.

The best place to find your answer is in prayer before our Lord Himself. Make adoration/Tabernacle visits a practice, a habit, until your answer is revealed. You are preparing for eternity, so the hours spent discerning in this life can be crucial*

  • If you are into etymology (and who isn’t?) Crucial is derived from the Latin for “Cross” - a word which I have chosen carefully, having observed the process.

ORIGIN early 18th cent. (in the sense ‘cross-shaped’): from French, from Latin crux, cruc- ‘cross.’


Fuller is a terrific school (I understand they are in the process of moving to a new campus location), and your MA will stand you in good stead among the applicants for the diaconate if you decide to move in that direction. Many dioceses require or at least prefer a minimum of a BA for diaconate candidates. However, your theological training at Fuller will be in some areas be so contra-Catholic, that not only will it not “count for anything”, it will in fact need to be “undone” before you will be able to absorb Catholic theology - in some areas.


Sound advice. There are, indeed no shortcuts. If the OP were coming from Anglican ministry, it might be a bit different but he’s coming from Pentacostalism.

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