"Call to Love" #2

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

As I said before, Chap. 6 in Sr. Lucia’s book is so beautiful, one post or two is simply not enough to share, so I’m continuing to quote and will number them as I go, so you can continue with me.

There is a tendency in human nature, it seems to me, to want to be loved more than we sometimes are willing to love in return. Sometimes we wonder why God doesn’t answer our prayers, for instance. We want Him to show His love for us by answering our prayer, but do we ever examine our own love for Him? I wondered reading this in Sister’s book:

This is the condition that must be fulfilled if we are to obtain grace: we must approach Christ with faith, trusting in His goodness and His Love.

Holy Mary, full of Grace, our Mother and our Model, pray for us sinners now and at a the hour of our death. Amen.

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