Called to Marriage?


I have discussed jobs in the past with my parents. As they are fallen away Catholics probably due to poor chatechism in the 60s and 70s, I don’t think they’d be much help in the job aspect. They have told me several times that, because I take my faith seriously, I should become a priest, when in reality all Catholics should take their faith seriously, not just priests.

I don’t know if they’d be any help in discussing dating/marriage either. I can’t say we’ve ever discussed such things seriously as I would feel uncomfortable talking to them about that stuff. I have brought up that I’m not sure if I’m called to marriage, priesthood, etc., but I usually skate around going deeper in discussion of marriage.


A mom here…

20 years old is really time to move out and get your adult-ing underway.

Had my son at age 20 come to me and said “I’m thinking about asking Suzy out on a date”, I’d have thought that was really strange. He asked those things when he was maybe 14. By 19 he was living with a roommate, working full time and was not dating because he was not yet ready to get married. DS never considered dating to be simply a pastime.

Believe it or not, even fallen away or non Catholic adults can have good advice for you about jobs and career.

Your talk about graphic art as a career choice makes me chuckle. Look in your newspaper tomorrow, tell me how many graphic arts job openings there are.

Musicians? Very few are famous, but, working musicians make the world go around. What is most important if you want to work as a musician, be able to sight read music and have some theory under your belt. That means taking some college courses if not going for a full performance degree.

Then, start working. Market yourself. Always be on time and always have a business card in hand. Have a youtube channel, volunteer to play at every open mic in town. Restaurants, bars, wedding receptions, heck they hire musicians for Farmer’s Markets!

As was suggested above, a solid organist can always find paying work. The other instrument that will always pay the bills is the harp.


The fact that they are not really practicing Catholics has nothing to do with them advising you on career choices or options. They’re parents. If you believe they would have an opinion on who you date, they would have an opinion on what college courses you pursue or what jobs you may be interested in. It’s called conversation. Time to stop viewing them as people who give you permissions only.

You need much more social interaction. Real life conversations. With a variety of people.


Focus on living in the present moments- that’s really all we ever have. The past is the gone & the future is up to God’s plan… yes we have free will, but God have a perfect plan to eventually lead us to Heaven, if we choose to cooperate with His Will, not one’s own. Lust isn’t even real; it’s an illusion! If you’re desiring an authentic Catholic woman for marriage, why haven’t you sacrificed lust to better yourself to someday becoming the man that that particular type of woman deserves? Marriage is self-giving, not self-getting. Check out the book: “Resisting Happiness” by Matthew Kelly (ch. 3 has much to do with what I’m talking about here).


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