Called to more than one thing?


Hi! My fiance and I are getting married this next summer and hopefully beginning PhD programs in the fall. I am planning on going into neuroscience research, and he plans on going into cell biology and genetics research. (Cell biology and genetics research CAN be studied without going against the Church's medical ethics). Basically, we are both science nerds that really love to do research.

We are also both very strong Catholics. We want children and we are keeping an open mind as to how many. We are going to use NFP because at the beginning it could be very tough to move to a new city (for grad school) start PhD programs, AND have a baby on the way. We would prefer to at least have the boxes unpacked and a relatively good grasp of the new city before we realize we also have to introduce a new little person to the world!

Anyway, I am concerned because I feel that I have a lot to offer the scientific community with the research that I would like to do. I also want to have several children. Are there women out there that balance the things they can offer to their field (whatever career it may be) while also having several children? I really want both and I feel like God would not put me on a path to be a researcher and provide me with the wonderful mentors and opportunities that I have had unless I was meant to be a part of this line of work. I would love to be a professor one day while not sacrificing the equally strong desire to have several children.

Any ideas?


P.S. When I say that cell biology and genetics can be studied without violating Church ethics I mean the research that my fiance wants to do doesn’t violate anything. I realize that there is absolutely some research out there that is a clear violation…but he doesn’t plan on doing that stuff!


:tiphat: Hello, I am a mother of three biological children (11, 12 and 17), and one exchange student. I also work in a research lab. Women work and raise families every day.

Of course it’s not always easy to balance the two jobs, I spend a lot of time exhausted, and at the end of the day I would pick my kids over my job.

The Church does not say that mothers have to stay home with their children. The Church leaves us free to use all of our gifts. But you do have to balance with family. In the end, family needs to come first, even if means not taking that job because you know you’ll have to work long hours, and travel a lot… you just have to adjust. A professor can start out working very few hours “at the office” and spend the rest of the time home with the kids.

You learn to work things out when you have children that seemed impossible before.

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