Called to Service?


I think God is calling me to service, at least for a few years of my life. I am a freshman at a Jesuit university where I am studying nursing. After that I would like to dedicate a few years of my life the service of others.
However, I have several problems. My parents would need some convincing. There are very protective and would not like the idea of me serving somewhere that could very well be dangerous. I know that would like me to start thinking about marriage (they let me pick a nice, Catholic college so I could meet nice, Catholic boys :rolleyes:). The problem is, I’m not that interested in dating or marriage, not right out of college. I really don’t think I’d like to get married until I’m 30 or so. I’ve never really cared much about dating and I’d just prefer to let things unfold as they do.
Also, I’m not sure what I would do about my student loans. I’m also worried that I won’t have enough money later in life because I’ll have missed all those years of saving.
Can anyone who has spent time with Maryknoll, JVC, etc. tell me how they handled such issues?


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