Called to the Priesthood


Hey Everyone!!

I feel called to the Priesthood. I look at some pictures and watch some videos, ordination and etc and my heart burns with desire. I want to serve the LORD JESUS, I want to step up to the plate, step up to the line, and show satan what i’ve got. I want to show the world how beautiful Holy Mother Church is, I WANT TO SET THE WORLD ON FIRE!!, I want to preach and teach about Holy Mother Church until the ends of this world. JESUS CHRIST SAVED ME, and HE deserves my all, As well, i want my life to be an act of reparation and adoration to the LORD JESUS! I WANT TO MARRY HIM!!! Every human being has a infinite soul, i want my life “work” to be one that goes out and brings these souls back to JESUS CHRIST, the ONE TRUE, SHEPHERD. PLEASE PRAY FOR ME, BROTHERS AND SISTERS IN OUR LORD, PRAY THAT I MAY PERSEVRE, I HAVE FELT THIS CALL FOR A VERY LONG TIME NOW, Now is the time i step up and act. No more wishy-washy garbage, i will fight for the LORD on the front lines!! Every evil exists because we Catholics dont do anything!! We have been silent too long now!! VIVA CRISTO REY!!! Please pray for me brothers and sisters, before the LORD OUR GOD!!! MOST SACRED HEART OF JESUS, HAVE MERCY UPON ME, HAVE MERCY UPON US!!! :gopray2::bowdown::signofcross::byzsoc::crossrc::knight2:


And yes i am dialoging with a Vocations director and i have a confessor/spiritual director!! :smiley:


Oh boy. That was fantastic. I’d want that to be my pep talk before ordination!

One day…


I’ll pray for your formation and ask you to pray for mine. I pray you always hold that fire in your heart. You’ll certainly need it for the life you seek. I’ll see you on the front lines brother.


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