Called to the Priesthood

This Thursday after praying a full Rosary in adoration, I asked God, “Dear God, I humbly ask you, am I called to the Priesthood?”, I felt warmth in my heart and I heard a yes in my mind. I asked God a lot a questions and I am grateful that He answered all of them. I even heard two individual taps on the pews behind me, and instantly I was afraid because I knew I was in the presence of God. I was alone in the church by the way. About a two weeks ago I made vows to God of chastity and celibacy if I wasn’t called to be married. I asked God if I will be tempted to go against these vows in college and He said yes. I will do my basics at a community college then join the seminary. Please pray for me, the world needs more Priests.


St. John Vianney, pray for us.

Awesome! I do not feel the call to the priesthood, but I do believe in my heart, that God has called me to the single vocation and as such, I have renounced any attempts to find a soul mate. God has kept me single for a reason and having really struggled with my faith for 4 years, coming back has cleared up a lot of pain and doubt. Looking forward to serving both God and my parish in the liturgy and through the Knights of Columbus. It is sad though knowing and feeling in your heart that you were never able to attract a female for a life partner but doing things for God has a much greater reward I feel, at least in my life.

Bless you my brother. May your ministry be fruitful towards the Kingdom of God!

I’ve felt this calling as of late, too…many of the nuns, choir members and OFS members I know have been telling me that I should become a priest. I usually just laugh it off, though the idea has been at the back of my heart for a while now, however distant. When the Mother Superior and one of the guitar players (both in the choir) told me the same thing again tonight, I chuckled and said “yeah, but everyone is telling me that!”

To which the guitar player smiled, and said “No, it’s not everyone, it’s God.”

And the more I think about it, and the more I realize that I am growing to love my Jesus and the Blessed Mother more and more…it seems to answer so many of the conflicts I have inside. I know that I would be honored and thrilled to represent my Jesus at the altar.

I’m still not quite sure about it all, I guess, but I feel like God is slowly bringing me into larger truths about myself and how I am to serve him. It’s a wonderful, gentle, holy feeling.

I will pray for you too, xcshadow.

St. John Vianney Pray for us!

I feel called too!!

Lets pray for each other!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I know the feeling. Warm, Joyful, Peaceful. I’ve had a a number of episodes like that. Get a Vocations Director. I have one, and me and him have both arrived at the same conclusion. Im called to Holy Priesthood, but now what kind??? :confused: :confused: :confused:. Don you have any specifics in mind? Diocescan or Religious, if Religious, what order?

I do not know, I asked God if I was called to be an Exorcist or a Chaplain and He told me no to both of them. Can you please explain the difference of Diocesan and Religious Priesthood?

God has led me deeply into the Franciscan way of life…I’m already in the process of entering the OFS as it is. If I wind being a priest, it will be as a Franciscan.

A diocesan (or ‘secular’) priest promises obedience to his diocesan bishop (and his successors). Typically, he serves within his diocese (although some diocesan priests have assignments outside their diocese, with the permission of their bishop).

A religious priest first belongs to an order (e.g., Franciscans, Dominicans, etc), and therefore makes vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience. They may be asked by their order to discern a calling to the priesthood (but, to be fair, it’s important to note that their first discernment is to religious life, and only later, it’s possible that they may be asked to discern a priestly vocation). Their assignments will be based on the ministry that their order performs. Whereas a diocesan priest’s assignments will most likely take place within a particular geographical region (i.e., the diocese), the religious priest’s assignment may be constrained by their order’s ministry more than by geography.

Hope this helps!



Diocesan Priests are the ones you find at a Parish. They stay at the Parish and serve the communities needs by administering the Sacraments. Religious Priests are part of the many Orders (Benedictines, Dominicans, Jesuits, Franciscans, etc) and focus on many different charisms (the Jesuits focus on education, for example)

I also feel called and am working with my Godfather (Parish Deacon) to help me start my early steps of formation and build a solid prayer life. I will pray for all of your vocations! I hope to see you all on the front lines :thumbsup:

:thumbsup: Brothers-in-arms!

**Prayer to Follow the Call of Christ

Lord Jesus, I thank you for the gifts you have given me, especially for life, love, family and friends.

Help me to know myself better and to know my talents, as I pray, study and decide on my life’s work.

Help me to see and understand the path you open for me. Help me choose a life’s work which will be in response to my potential and your love for me.

If I am being invited to follow you as a priest, give me a generous heart to respond to your challenging call and the strength to follow you wherever you lead me. Amen

I will keep you all in my prayers.**

You relied on tapping sounds and warm feelings to discern the path you want to take for your life?

Holy Mary Queen of clergy, ora pro nobis!

I also feel the call.This is a great grace and joy that fills our hearts.:extrahappy:
Those who don’t feel it, they can’t understand.

Venite adoremus Domino!

Please, pray for good and saint priests. :gopray2:
Please, pray for us, we need your prayers.:blush:

He will receive guidance on his journey of discernment and prayer. Seminary school alone will have many checks to ensure that being a priest is what he wants to do.

Next time, I encourage you to actually read the post instead of simply shooting your “mouth” off.

I don’t know if you have ever feared God, I what I felt was absolute fear of God out of respect to Him. If you don’t have anything nice to say, then swallow your pride and move on.

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