So, I have been exploring the call to the priesthood for about two years now, and it has been persistent as ever. I have taken online “vocation anonymous” tests, and I find my heart answering “yes” to every question they ask. Some of them even generate answers for me, and they basically say that I more than likely have a vocation. I sit at Mass and imagine myself being the priest offering up the perfect sacrifice, and I can truly see myself doing that one day. I can see myself saying Mass, delivering the Sacraments, helping the poor, evangelizing to the youth, etc. In the bottom of my heart, it feels like that is what I am called to do. Recently, I watched an Ordination Mass on YouTube, and it almost brought me to tears of how beautiful it was and how I want to be in that position someday.

I set up a meeting with the diocesan vocations’ director for this coming Monday, and I’m kind of nervous. What questions will he raise? What should I ask? Will this meeting help me figure out that this is my true calling?


I can't answer any of your questions, but wanted to let you know that I will be including you in my daily prayers, asking the Holy Spirit to guide you...

God bless


I have been to several ordinations and they are very inspiring.

In your meeting, just be honest and forthright, pray about it and ask for the guidance of the HS and that God is calling you to be His priest someday.

That is what the vocation director is for, to help you discern the call to the priesthood. Believe me, they have this sort of charism and they will know and will be able to guide you.

But you are in my prayers…God bless and God speed…


This is the best advice I know of to give to anyone called to the religious life: Always, always come as a servant to all.

One of the occupational hazards of religious life, especially priests (and bishops) is pride and arrogance. They don’t really mean to get that way, it just sort of creeps up on you without you realizing. So, remain humble as best you can and avoid pride.

The other best advice I can give anyone called to religious life is to spend at least one hour before the Blessed Sacrament every single day, without exception. The late Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen did this for more than 50 years of his priesthood. The only time he ever missed was when he got really old and had open heart surgery. Before that, he said the only time he almost missed was when he was traveling through Europe. He had a stop at a train station, and had just over an hour till the next train came. He was very tired, but saw a church nearby, so he walked in, sat down, and promptly went to sleep for right at an hour. He woke up and said he asked his angel if that counted as his holy hour and his angel said, “Well, yes. That’s how the Apostles made their first holy hour. But don’t do it that way again.” :slight_smile:

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