Calling All Aetheists


I was wondering, if you are an Aetheist, have you learned anything yet??

I should think that the worst moment for The Aetheist comes when he is really thankful, and has nobody to thank------CKC


I would think the worst time for an Atheist is the moment they die and find out there really is a God and there really is a Heaven and Hell and Purgatory,:bigyikes: especially if they have not lived a fairly principled life or have ignored the poor or have been less than charitable.



We have been taught that Christ is the first-born of God, and we have declared above that He is the Word of whom every race of men were partakers; and those who lived reasonably are Christians, even though they have been thought atheists; as, among the Greeks, Socrates and Heraclitus, and men like them; and among the barbarians, Abraham, and Ananias, and Azarias, and Misael, and Elias, and many others whose actions and names we now decline to recount, because we know it would be tedious.

Justin Martyr , 100-165


Your right. Everything that I know about Our Lord, how can it be to exist without belief?? You cannot exist without God.
For it is easy to look down at the earth and be an aetheist, but to look up into the sky, well, I don’t get it.
All dressed up and nowhere to go…an aetheist.




Suppose I should know better than to post on one of these threads - but you know what they say about curiosity ;). Would you perhaps be so kind Bella as to tell me what it was that you were referring to?



Like what?

There is usually a reason to be thankful, that is the direction to send your thanks.


Those bogeyman scary stories have certainly got you exactly where your church wants you, faithful through fear.

These are not reserved for the faithful.


It’s easy.

Who says?

I look up to the sky and down to the ground and that is all I see, sky and ground.

All think they’re going somewhere better…theists.


Nice quips, but an intelligent dialogue is another issue.


I am hoping that the aetheists will learn about Jesus and I was wondering, are they thinking about him since this site has so many wonderful faithful. People like RMcgeddon cannot resist.

Tell me RMcgeddon,
Have you ever read The Bible?:bible1:


Some atheists have learned that Jesus wasn’t quite the person christians think he was.

Actually I am part way through it, and judging by the atrcities comitted in it, I doubt that you have.


Umm…I think you mispelled “atrocities committed”, it’s two m’s…teehee:p


R McGeddon

*Some atheists have learned that Jesus wasn’t quite the person christians think he was.
How would they know, since they have never met him?


Thank you.

We’ve all seen what these threads tend to degenerate into so i’m gonna keep my pie-hole shut.
“To one who has faith, no explanation is necessary. To one without faith, no explanation is possible.” - Couldn’t resist ;).

Agreed, there do seem to be some decent folk about the place - inevitably there are also those who give christians a bad name.



“Am standing at the door, knocking. Whom he opens the door, i shall enter and have dinner with him”

the atheist who knows not Jesus is a person who still hasn’t opened the door because he’s too busy he can’t hear the knocking.


It’s because I type too fast. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:


Christians have never met Jesus either, so they’re equally unqualified to know.


I’m not an atheist…per se…though many theists cosider pantheists to be so…anyway, I’m stepping in because someone brought up the Jesus knocking, meeting Jesus etc.

I tried that. For years, repeatedly. Praying, asking Jesus into my life and heart. Going to benediction, receiving communion, praying in front of the tabernacle and crucifix, wanting what I saw others have…a close devotion and relationship with Christ.

It never happened.

So, what is a person to do with that?

What is a person to do other than come to the conclusion that either the whole thing is bunk, or that “Jesus doesn’t want ME, for a sunbeam”

How many years of hearing people accusing me of "not having enough faith, being tested by God, not really meaning it, doing it wrong, being in a state of sin…etc. etc. " is one supposed to take. It gets hard to beleive in something that never plays back. Yes, of course I’m in a state of sin, but I was always told he came to save the sinners…

Anyway…I’m OK now. I realized that the Divine WAS playing back, but I was so busy expecting it to look like Jesus that I had been missing the truth. Now, I see and experience the Divine everywhere. No doubts, no confusion. No atheism either. I never got into atheism, because I could always sense…something…but Jesus never responded to me.



Didn’t you mean to say. “Some atheists have come to think that Jesus wasn’t quite the person christians think he was.”? If not, then “some atheists” demonstrate an observation that I have made over the years and that is that many atheists see themselves as intellectually superior and thus, more equipped to dictate what moral code should be followed.

I know several very intelligent, educated atheists who put themselves forth as very rational, objective persons who are “concerned” about religious people being in influential positions. These same individuals get very irrational when discussing politics and their true motives come out - they are so resentful of people of faith who, of course, are intellectually inferior, but who dare to tell them what is right and what is wrong. One gentlemen actually said that such people should not be allowed to vote or hold office. It’s this superiority complex that prevents most intelligent and thoughtful dialogue.


You make a very good point here and I accept it.

I hope I don’t come across with a superiority complex, it certainly isn’t my intention.

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