Calling all atheists!


Here is a question I’d like to pose to any atheists who may be among us here…

What would you say are the top reasons one becomes or simply is an atheist?

God Bless.

Fr. Joe

PS-I won’t be addressing these reasons on this thread…I’m just curious and am trying to get some ideas for a writing project.


With all due respect, you might wanna take a gander at this thread and also do a search next time.


That’s exactly what I was looking for, thanks for the link.

No further discussion needed:D

Fr. Joe


Since I was never in on the other discussion, I thought I would pipe in here.

I was raised in a very secular home and was told that we are nothing more than big-brained animals, and that the church is nothing more than an evil institution that prays on the poor and ignorant to suck money out of them.

That was when I was young. When I got older I never came to the church mostly because of pride and my unwillingness to change the vices I was involved in.

I find that this is also a common thread among most people who refuse to surrender themselves to the fullness of the truth about Jesus Christ and stay away from the Catholic Church. They will claim it is because of doctrinal/theological issues or what they call a lack of “proof”.

However, the bottom line goes much deeper and usually involves something that he or she is involved in that goes against the teachings of the Catholic Church. Rather than come to terms with it, it is just easier to stay away and indulge.

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