Calling all CAF Family Members


Help us raise money at our Auction for CAF. If you have something you can donate for the Auction, please list it in the Auction thread.

The Clubhouse Auction thread is where we are taking donated offers of items to Auction off. When the Auction begins, all the real actual items of value will be Auctioned. The sur-real ones are just banter in the thread, so don’t be confused. It is a serious Auction to be held when we have enough donated goods and those will be in another thread all it’s own for actual bidding when the Auction starts.

Click the Auction Link in my signature to donate.

Thanks. Pass the word along to your other CAF buddies.




I saw the auction thread and noticed most of the “real life” items were religious items - I am an Avon Ind. Sales Rep. and would love to donate a basket of Avon products if you think that would be okay. I could put a disclaimer that CAF and Catholic Answers don’t have anything to do with Avon and I am not looking for business, just want to donate some items for the auction.

What do you think? This will of course open the door to many other Ind. Sales reps. and dealers for other home based businesses but we will need to make sure it is understood that we are not soliciting for business -something that is normal when donating a basket of goods for a charitable auction.

Brenda V.


I think it would be wonderful. The Auction is for a good cause and your Products would be great! :thumbsup: I agree, upfront donors must know it is not an advertisement/ promotion of their products…just an oportunity to help CAF.




Great - I will put together some items and get my husband to help me figure out how to put a picture up of them with a beginning bid.

I will also work up a disclaimer that can be used by all of us who are homebased business people so others won’t have to and it will be easier for them to do it.

I will post that in the “auction” thread prior to my post for the products.

Brenda V.


:thumbsup: Thanks Brenda!



BUMP! Anyone else have an item to donate?


If you would like to donate an item for the CAF Auction, please check out the Auction Thread.

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