Calling all Catholic Re-verts


I’m loving the thread where the Catholic Converts are sharing their conversion stories.

My “re-version” story certainly wouldn’t fit there as I was a “Cradle Catholic” who essentially became agnostic and then was eventually drawn back to the faith.

I’m guessing I’m not alone. Any interest in sharing testimonies of this type?



Hey Chuck,

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God used my divorce to bring me back to the Church, which I never would have expected. Thanks be to God!

My parish has expressed interest in a ministry for returning Catholics. Sometimes I think about asking to help out with it, but feel like I haven’t been “back” long enough to be able to give other advice.


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Not a reversion story. I’m a Cradle Catholic myself, never really researched anything till I moved to the deep south U.S. Moving down here was the best thing I could have done. The past 26 years I’ve learned a lot, still by no means an expert.


I grew up Catholic, went to Catholic parochial school (St. Emydius), then Catholic high school (Archbishop Riordan). The Catholic faith was emphasized in the parochial school but not at all in the high school, when one’s childhood faith must start the transformation into an adult faith. Instead it was left to wither, and I didn’t object because I was starting to find it (the faith) boring and restrictive.

So I spent the next 30 years living without any faith but just being a “good person” (nevermind that I broke every commandment in my “good person” days). During that time I married a serious Catholic woman who was a church music director. I kind of faked being Catholic enough so she’d marry me, went to Mass about half the time, still didn’t believe it. Then we started having children and I used the kids as an excuse to stop going to Mass again (“too much work, too disruptive!”).

Anyway, my wife, who had become more and more disenchanted with the disasterous state of Catholic music, decided she needed to form a Catholic choir to help remind our part of the world of the heritage of great Catholic music. I thought, fine, sounds like a good hobby for you. So she went out, rounded up singers, rehearsed them and got some sacred concerts set up in local churches. Of course I had to be there to show support. That first set of concerts was the turning point in my life. I sat there, crying, hearing a faith that was larger than life, instead of the dumbed-down grade-school faith that seemed to take over the Church after Vatican II. In this music I heard a faith that serious adults could take, well, seriously.

I came home from the first or second concert thinking “I have to read something about God!” and remembered I had bought a C.S. Lewis compendium volume years ago, and had never cracked it open. So I found it and started reading “Surprised by Joy”. Well, was I surprised! Here again I found a serious adult who had come to serious faith, and what’s more, I recognized in his description of Joy the exact same experience I had been having in my own life (and like him, it has since subsided - those who have read the book will know this is not a bad thing).

So that was it. The sacred music of the Church (a treasure of inestimable value, as Vatican II describes it) and C.S. Lewis brought me home. I never doubted that if one is to believe in the Judeo-Christian God, one must be Catholic. I could see that Protestantism was neither fish nor fowl, a strange and incoherent mix. So I came home, driving down to the cathedral on my lunch hour to say my first confession in three decades (lots more tears). Yes, I got back from “lunch” late. :slight_smile:

I only had one moment of doubt a few weeks after I “came home”. Was this all just wish-fulfillment (even though I hadn’t been wishing it were true before)? But that weekend we went to Marine World and I went into the butterfly house. Those butterflies told me it was all true. No natural explanation can account for the world of butterflies. They are simply an artistic outburst of God. I’ve seen many other such outbursts since then, but it was the butterflies that cemented the deal.

So now I’m Catholic again, until the day I die (and even afterwards). I found the Truth, and it is much, much better than we have any right to expect. Where before I never saw God anywhere, now I can’t go anywhere, do anything, without seeing Him. That is one of the most amazing lessons of the faith. He is everywhere, but you have to have eyes to see.


Beautiful testimony brother!


God used my son’s baptism to strengthen my faith. I’m a cradle Catholic, attended CCD in in 70’s and 80’s (feel I was gypped, BTW) and never felt the need to study my faith. Got married in 2002 to a wonderful Lutheran.

In 2006, we had a little boy. We were set to get him baptized in the Catholic Church, have my brother-in-law (he’s Lutheran too) and my cousin (she’s Catholic) as Godparents. Because my wife and I couldn’t agree on raising him Catholic, I didn’t think I should baptize him Catholic. Again, my ignorance at the time. So, we had him baptized Lutheran.

My wife and I went to a couple of baptism classes at her Lutheran church. It was just us and the pastor. Missouri Synod, BTW. The pastor asked me as a Catholic what a saint is. I couldn’t give a good answer. That is what sparked my enthusiasm to learn about our WONDERFUL, MAGNIFICENT, BEAUTIFUL, RICH faith! I could give him an answer today about saints today. At the time, he told my wife and I that everyone on earth is a saint.

It’s amazing to me; God’s plan was for my son NOT to be baptized Catholic, which in turn would strengthen MY faith. I firmly believe He allowed this so I can be a strong spiritual leader for my family. Hopefully, my wife and I will agree to raise our son Catholic. Maybe my strengthened faith will also cause a conversion for my wife!


Limited time requires the Reader’s Digest version:

  1. Cradle Catholic
  2. Catholic grade & high school
  3. Married cradle catholic (young)
  4. Dropped out but NEVER went anywhere else.
  5. Kids got old enough to need Church
  6. What the hell happened?
  7. Became more disenchanted (mid '70’s)
  8. Got the kids First Communion
  9. Couldn’t take it any more - angrier when leaving Mass than when arriving
  10. Quit going to Mass - put kids in CCD.
  11. CCD was garbage. Cumbiah! Pulled kids
  12. Floated - taught at Catholic high schoool for a while; faked it
  13. Wife watching EWTN Mass on TV for first time
  14. After Mass, little old nun who lookied like my 3rd grade teacher started scolding, joking (Guess who).
  15. 20 minutes later, turned to wife; “We’ve got to get to Confession.” She’d been waiting for me.
  16. That was 2001. God help 'em, we’re back with a VENGEANCE.
  17. Found a CATHOLIC parish, Fr. Corapi, etc, etc.
  18. So involved, got no time to breathe
  19. 2 of 3 kids Catholic - confirmed - & going to Mass
  20. Third kid Evangelical, but not anti-Catholic. Good man, good kids.


Thanks for sharing. Even the Readers Digest version rings true.

Give or take a bullet or two, I wonder what percentage of Cradle Catholics have followed this path. (I’m betting it’s way up there.)

I started the thread to see if there was any interest in the subject.

Seem’s to be a little bit, so I’ll take the time to write mine down and post it too.

Perhaps it will be of some value to someone.



Strider, I LOVE #7!

Are you a screenplay writer, by any chance? This sounds like classic minimalist writing.

Great testimony! It should be a rap song!


A rap song? A RAP SONG! :eek:
You can guess my age from the flow. I think I’d rather go to one
(1) Polka Mass rather than make that a rap song. In fact, my granddaughter’s First Communion Mass a few weeks ago was deja vu. It was not in my parish, but obviously not everyone has caught up. Somebody said, "It’s been thirty-four years since
1973, but some people have lived 1973 thirty four times.
I guess I’ve already done my “rap repel” penance. :wink:


Re: VociMike’s re-vert story (#5): What a testimony! It makes me sad for our largely empty music. I guess, “lite” music. Its pretty sometimes, but most often vacant. I have always thought that really holy music would convert some, and your story supports that.


I haven’t posted very often to the board but this thread kind of called to me. I’m a cradle catholic and I went through CCD from second grade to my confirmation in the 80’s. I basically let my faith stagnant after that not studying further and never having had a true understanding. While I never really left the Church I wasn’t particularily involved. I started to further drift away. Between not understanding why the Church teaches the things it does and the modern world questioning everything we believe my minimal faith was being erroded. Within this time frame my sister returned to the Church and I would question her. I remember one particular conversation with her that completely floored me. I was questioning her faith rather harshly and I said to her that it doesn’t make sense…why believe at all? Her response? She said to me, “You don’t understand. You don’t understand what you’re missing.” I think what got me about those words was the tone of her voice…such sadness? I still can’t identify what it was in her voice but it made me start thinking…what am I missing? That planted the seed. I began to read starting with the Bible and the Catechism.
About a year later I had a miscarriage…oddly enough it was at this lowest point in my life, when I was in so much pain, that I felt God’s love lifting me up telling me He was there and had always been there…something I hadn’t been aware of in a long time. I started reading voraciously after that…the Bible, Catechism, Church Fathers I couldn’t get enough. My daughter had her First Reconciliation and Communion that year. I returned to the Church with a fuller love and understanding then I ever had before. Thanks be to God I’m fully home.


Cradle Catholic, went to CCD, parochial JHS, 1 semester of parochial HS, then it went all downhill from there.

At 14/15 was hanging out with the wrong people, decided partying was the top priority in my life, mom got sick of it, sent me to live with my dad. He was not Catholic, so there was no pressure for me to go…

Got married at 19 to a non practicing Baptist, had my daughter 10 years ago, decided we needed a church (just as long as it’s not Catholic- dh’s quote). Went to a few non denoms & I always felt this was not church.

Throughout the 25 years I quit going to church there was always something that would trigger my memories. I always watched the Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve, friends married in the church where dh was best man, was glued to the tv when JP passed away.

Then this past February I started researching Catholicism online, found a website for a local church that offered “Re-Membering Church” meetings starting the Tuesday after Easter. I’ve been attending ever since, still trying to get the hang of Mass although every week it gets easier. I’m just happy to be home. :wink:

I still have to get my marriage convalidated so I can be in full communion too.

This past week I was down just realizing & regretting how my actions as a kid made me lose so much. I’m better today, I just have to get back up & move forward from here on out. :slight_smile:


I was a cradle catholic, no catholic school (too much $) but CCD and all the sacrements…marriage to Catholic…3 kids in Catholic school but I was so disallusioned, I went through the motions…skipping church when I could, disgusted with the scandel and lack of reverence I saw in most churches.
Then I found EWTN and “the nun” . : ) I was almost mystically drawn to her show twice a week, my family would make fun of me, but I couldn’t help it. Confession nagged at me, but only when our dear Pope John Paul ll died, did my conversion start with a vengenge! (I heard he converted quite a large number of souls upon death) I was transfixed to the TV, crying, and promised him and Our Lady I would return. It took a few months, but I found a beautiful, REVERENT Dominican church not that far from me and have been there ever since. Family (except hubby) came along with me and I am so happy that I found the “real church” again. For the first time, I go to eucharistic adoration, confession on a regular basis and pray daily the rosary if I can or the chaplet of divine mercy. The grace I received was a beautiful gift I can never say I deserved.


Posted here.
Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum.


As a revert after many years away, I am awed by the forgiveness of God for those of us who fall by the wayside. I had twelve years of Catholic education back when we had nuns. I was quite religious in my younger years. Then I married a non-Catholic who was not high on churches of any kind. It was so much easier to go my merry way and not be bothered with Mass, etc. But I never did not believe that this is the true Church and that what I was doing was wrong. Finally when my husband was critically ill after by-pass surgery, I promised God that I would get myself back to church if he lived. I’m not sure that bargaining with God is a good thing to do, but my husband did pull thru even though most of the doctors had given up on him. I kept my promise and will never leave again. I thank God every morning for welcoming me home. His love and forgiveness is boundless.


Wow! Great stories! It is great to see that the passing of JPII brought back reverts! Debraran, did your husband ever onvert? If so, did it take long? And Bklynbrat, how is it with your husband’s not converting?


Awesome! God bless you:)


Yep, and that’s a big reason why I started Choral Treasure

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