Calling All Converts (in honor of all those other "calling all' threads)


To all who apply; Do you mind sharing your conversion story with us? Sorry if there has been a post on this, but I am new and would like to hear them. I see there is a big community of converts here at CAF.



I love my story :slight_smile:

I remember about 10 years ago Mom inviting me to Mass. She wasn’t Catholic, but had been going to Mass with her best friend for years. I am pretty sure that if it was possible for her, she’d have converted. Anyway, I remember telling her “no, those crazy Catholics and their saints”, etc :shrug:

Then she got sick, and couldn’t care for my kids while I worked. We put the kids at the Catholic daycare because they’d take the kids right away. I loved it there. As part of her 4 year old graduation, my oldest was given a font and a bottle of holy water. One night I was putting away clothes when I caught her on her knees in front of the font praying. I stopped and listened. I was in tears because my daughter brought me back to God.

We started going to Mass together. My husband, a non Confirmed Catholic, refused to go with us. I started RCIA…flash forward to today…Mom passed away four years ago :(, DH is coming to church, and his marital issues are almost cleared so that I can be confirmed this Easter. Our first daughter rec’d her first Communion two years ago. Our middle one will receive hers a month after me!

I realized that my conversion from Methodist to Catholic was in His plan. I don’t regret Methodism, but I know it’s not the full truth. I am Home!


I was born and raised with no religion or faith whatsoever. The Lord, however, had other ideas. He made sure that my best friend growing up was an Italian Catholic. A few years later, the Lord built a Parish across the street from my home. I didn't get it. In the meantime, He sent various and sundry Christians my way, all having some influence upon me spiritually. Closer, but still no cigar. Tightening the focus, The Lord than sent me a Catholic woman whom I would later marry. After a steady stream of reminders that I should be baptized, none of which she claims to remember, we were blessed with a vacation in Europe in 1985. By "chance", as we were driving to Genoa, Italy, we saw crowds gathering. I slowed down and my wife read some of the signs the people were carrying. 'It's the Pope!" she shouted. And so, we parked and stood beside the road as Pope John Paul II passed by, blessing us. The next fall, I was enrolled in RCIA. On April 18th, 1987, I was baptized by full immersion, confirmed and received first Holy Communion. However, this was only the start - I was still standing just inside the doorway. My faith life accelerated when I was "baptized in the Holy Spirit" by a charismatic Priest at a life in the Spirit seminar. I lost the fear of speaking of my faith. The gifts and blessings that followed are indescribable. I have witnessed minor miracles in prayer before the Blessed Sacrament. As well, I am now a walking miracle, for several reasons. I praise God for His mercy in calling a poor sinner such as myself to Him. Looking back, I can see that the Lord's hand was on me my entire life. It just took several decades before I came to that realization. Amen! Alleluia!


My Conversion Story

I grew up Southern Baptist. Baptized at the age of seven, I remember the moment I went to the pulpit, during an altar call; I did it out of fear, guilt and for all the wrong reasons. I remember my own father telling me one time that our pastor was leaving because he wasn’t saving anyone. I am serious. As I matured, I saw the cliques in the church and as a pre-teen I was left out of the cliques, eventually begging my parents to not attend church.

We moved to another town, we tried another church, but again, cliques. My family slowly started drifting away from church. I can say that I’ve always believed in something and really was always searching for something. I was a pretty good girl throughout school, being a cheerleader, in the honor society and class salutatorian. Out of high school, I was a typical local college student. During this time, I read a lot about Pagans and New Agers.

Then I met my husband. He was raised Methodist. His minister performed our marriage ceremony. I attended the baptism of one of his little cousins, and I was hooked on the theology of infant baptism. It made sense. I vowed then that we would find a church where our children would be baptized as infants.

We found the Presbyterian Church of USA. We were welcomed with open arms and really enjoyed our time there until I became the secretary/bookkeeper for the church. I was pregnant at the time, working a stressful, full time job, but I took the job at the church, so that I could spend half days with my son. In less than six months, I witnessed the most non-Christian actions, actually Satan at work in the church. I couldn’t believe it all. I quit. However, God had a plan. You see, during that time we were trying to get our own business started, we did and even those the times at the Presbyterian Church were hard, I learned a lot about bookkeeping, which helped us out with our business. The year was 2000. I was hurt. I didn’t want church. I didn’t need church.

A friend convinced us to attend the local Episcopal Church. And we did. In the summer of 2003, I started attending the ECUSA; I was in town one day and saw a bench, one of those advertising benches. On the back of it was an advertisement for the local Catholic Radio station. I tuned in. I remember listening to Open Line and Catholic Answers. Pretty soon, I was listening every day. Meantime, I get confirmed in the ECUSA on May 29, 2004.

One day on Open Line, I heard mention of Priests for Life. I viewed the website and have to be honest; I was one to not really think about abortion too much. I had a friend in high school who had an abortion, I remember helping her out with school work during that time, she was so sad. I remember having a pregnancy scare myself while in high school (hey, I definitely wasn’t perfect in school) and my own mother told me that if I were pregnant, I WOULD have an abortion. While viewing Priest for Life website, I cried. I saw the pictures. I read the stories. That website and Catholic Radio is probably what got me studying the Catholic faith.

I had decided to home school my son. I started looking for home school groups to become a part of. The Catholic group wouldn’t let me in because, well, I wasn’t a Catholic. I checked out another group and oh my! I went to one meeting and heard how Catholics were not Christians…so thanks to that group, I started studying the Catholic Faith even harder!

I joined Catholic Answers Forum. I emailed my priest, questioning the abortion issue, the gay bishop issue. I really didn’t get the answers that I liked, I felt like I was attending a church that didn’t have any set beliefs outside of the Nicene and Apostles’ Creeds. I called the local Catholic Church and got in touch with the leader of their Pro-Life group. I attended the local Walk for Life that year. I felt smothered in the EC. I felt like I couldn’t believe what I wanted to believe. I stopped attending church …. Again, after my youngest was baptized. That was around September of 2005.

Then, I started reading the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Everything in the Catechism had biblical reference! All the answers were there. A Faith that actually TELLS me what it believes. I started praying the Rosary. Then we decided to put our son in the local Catholic school. We waited four months to hear if he was in…and he was. To me, this was yet another way of God leading my family to his Church. I started attending the Catholic Church this past June of 2007.

My son is enjoying Catholic school. I’m in RCIA right now…. My husband is supportive of my decision, however, he’s not ready to convert and that’s okay, I’m praying for him. Oh, and you know the Pro-Life group leader? She’s going to be my sponsor….she’s been praying for me for years! So, that’s it. I could put in more details, I assure you that there are many more feelings that I’ve went through along my journey. I am just thankful to our Blessed Mother for bringing me to the Church and teaching me to love her Son.

I received for the very first time the Sacrament of Reconcilation on February, 11, 2008….

I patiently wait to receive our Lord, body and blood, soul and divinity. NOT ANYMORE!

I am offically Catholic! On March 22, 2008, I received the Sacraments of Confirmation and Communion. I have to admit…I wept like a baby after I received Communion. My heart leap for joy to have our Lord present. All I could pray was, Stay With Me, Lord!

Thanks be to God!

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I am a cradle catholic so I don’t know what it’s like to convert.I have to say I am so thrilled to read the stories of heather and po18guy.It inspires my faith to read of your personal accounts.Thankyou both so much for sharing with us.


Same here. Thanks to heather and po18guy. I hope we will hear more conversion story… I know there are more of you out there…:slight_smile:


When I was a child, I attended Sunday school at a Presbyterian Church where my parents were members. The teacher asked us to draw a picture (I was five years old) of God -- and I drew a picture of Jesus. When I turned in the picture, the teacher said "now Pamm, you know that Jesus and God are not the same beings" and I insisted they were. I said God and Jesus are different but the same. This was in the 1960s when there was a fairly strong anti-Catholic feeling in my Protestant community and my teacher told me that what I said was sacriligous. I was very upset and started to cry and I told my parents I would never go back. They forced me to go a few more times but I cried and was very unhappy. I was so sure that God and Jesus were one in the same in many ways. What I didn't know that I was describing my belief in the Trinity -- minus the Holy Spirit.

Later, my brother was married in the Catholic Church when I was a teenager and I remember feeling for the first time that I was Home. I knew that I was meant to be Catholic! I read the Bible every day and I learned many of the Catholic prayers. My parents were very distressed but I would not be discouraged. When I turned 20, I began attending a Catholic Church with my girlfriends -- all of whom were Catholic. I met my husband, one of my friend's neighbors when she was growing up, and we married in that same Church on Jan. 12, 1980. In January, we will have been married 30 years.

I officially was baptized (my parents never had me baptized for some reason) and went through RCIA before I married my husband. The young priest -- Father Bob Irwin -- so inspired me during those years. He was the priest at our wedding. He moved on to other parishes in our state but he was instrumental in helping me find the joy in the Church.

My children spent all their elementary and high school years in Catholic schools. I was very active in my parish -- the same one I was married in. When my children went off to college, my in laws and parents all became very ill. I was so overwhelmed with their care and my own doubts that a little at a time I let my participation in the parish where we had moved erode.

For a few years, I fell away from the Church -- I endured seven years of suffering caring for my in laws and my parents. Periodically, I would go to Church and during that time I never lost my Faith. But I could not bring myself to re-commit. I had many excuses, of course, but none were honest.

I made it through that terrible seven years and just as the Twenty-third Psalm says -- I came "through" the shadow of death and "through" the hard times and at the end, as strong as ever, I grew in Faith again. Today, I am a proud and practicing Catholic. I found the peace and love in the Church I experienced for so many years in my younger life. I am in my early 50s and I thank God -- for the experience when I was five. In my heart, even then, I knew I was a Catholic.


Pamm, what your Sunday School teacher told you is not Presbyterian belief - Presbyterians do believe in the trinity. I'm raised Presbyterian and am converting to Catholic in near future. I noticed throughout my life that the Presbyterian Church seems to attract a lot of people from other churches and they bring their own ideas with them but 99,9% that I met would argue black and blue for their belief in the trinity. :)


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