calling all converts

Hi everyone,

I guess this is a mini-confessional thread or something of that nature. Anyway, before I finally came to see (with much prodding from the Holy Spirit) the holiness of the Catholic Church, I was not very charitable toward the faith. I still squirm at some of the false notions that I had. I am ashamed. I now know how wrong I was, and I am sure that this knowledge will only be magnified as I continue this incredible journey. I was just wondering if any other converts could relate to this.


I honestly didn’t know the difference between Catholic and Protestant. I mean I knew there were differences, I just didn’t know what they were.

My only real problem I had was ‘some guy’ who couldn’t marry telling me what makes a good marriage. But I was young, I ‘knew everything’ right? I wasn’t sure why birth control was bad either.

Well once I ‘grew up’ and was prepared to join RCIA I openly accepted what the church taught, and understood why it teaches what it does. These aren’t just ‘arbitrary’ rules set up to make my life difficult. These are traditions founded in Christ and his teaches designed to make my life better and fuller.

I now hunger for more knowledge, and am anxious for Holy Saturday!

Oh, yeah. I was a pretty good ignorant anti-Catholic in my youth. Then I became an Episcopalian, where I learned ‘catholicity’ over the years. Spent a lot of time doing Catholic apologetics to Catholics who thought birth control was fine, Purgatory was out of date, sin didn’t exist any more, Mary wasn’t really a virgin . . . I finally decided that if the Church was so desperate for people who believed the Catholic faith, I’d better join and at at least ONE more person to the cadre of the faithful on the books.

I wasn’t anti-Catholic, but I didn’t truly understand some of the traditions, practices and doctrines. As a matter of fact, the majority of my boyfriends were Catholic, but they couldn’t answer a lot of my questions. The two main questions I had were re: Marian doctrine and why Catholics were against abortion. I was pro-choice, (you know, "I couldn’t make that decision for myself, but I can’t tell other people not to make that decision.)
Of course, I still feel the same, with one modification. We must remind and teach why abortion should not be legal.

Before I started RCIA classes I hardly knew anything about it at all. I came into it with no pre-conceptions.

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