Calling all Knights to Pray for a Brother


Please pray for Brother Rich B. and his wife. He has been very ill and if the preliminary diagnosis holds up, the prognosis is dire [just months].

Please pray that Father McGivney will asked our Blessed Lord for Healing and loving care for this faithful Knight and his family, during this time of need.

Brother Rich is faithful in service to the Knights, his parish, widows and orphans. He is a father and grandfather. In short the loving Christain man…Please pray for this family…

Thank you


My husband is a Knight. I will tell him about this request and we will be praying.
Lord, be with Rich and his family as they deal with this illness. Keep their faith strong, and comfort them. Help Rich to stay strong in his faith that You are always with him. In Jesus’ Holy Name. Amen.


My husband is also a Knight and I will tell him of your request. You have our prayers.


Our family will pray for a brother Knight.



Thanks so very much…I know that the more Knights [and their families :slight_smile: ] who pray for this kind soul and his family the greater the healing, whether it is physical and / or spiritual healing, will be!

Thanks to all of you…I will remember you in my prayers in thanksgiving.


My prayers for him :crossrc:




Praying for these intentions…


Prayers. :gopray:


Will pray for him in my next a,m. rosary


Keeping your intentions in daily prayer…


Hello brother,
I will pray for my fellow Knight.


Thanks for all of your prayers…Please continue to pray for this Brother Knight…

An update, the specialist seems to have ruled out the rare [and fatal, incurable lung artery disease on friday] at least at this time - Praise God! and Thanks for your prayer support…They still have not diagnosed his illness, however, and he is still very, very critically ill.

I ask that you continue to remember this man and his family in your prayers…I see God’s healing hand at work…Thank you

:gopray: Father McGivney, please place Brother Rich’s needs before our Lord, Jesus Chirst :gopray2:


Prayers going up for them :signofcross:


Brother Rich and his family are in my prayers.


…and in my prayers also…


Brother Rich and his family are in my prayers. May God grant them peace and courage at this anxious time for the worried hearts.

3rd degree Knight
vivat jesus


He continues to be in my prayers.


AN update on our brother knight …

months later and after a diagnosis that his problems with shortness of breath were all in his mind :frowning:

He underwent surgery last week to have a tracheal stint placed in the trachea [the majoe tube in the cheat from which the lungs branch off] … very rare - but this cartiledge and membrane tube was collapsing …

I hear that he survived the surgery and was tolerating the stint in the hours immediately following the surgery …
Praise God and :bowdown2: Offering prayers of thanksgiving :signofcross: …

Now we just need to see how he recovers … I heard that he said he had gottten the best deep breath in over 6 months … that he felt like he could “Breath again” …

He travelled several states away to find this diagnosis and I heard that his doctor here was against him going to have this surgery … :shrug:

Thanks for all of your prayers … I know that they helped him and his wife :thumbsup:

Please continue to pray for his recovery and new lease on life!!!


I will offer an update when I get more information … our Brother Knight as due to be released from the hospital today :smiley:

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