Calling All MMO or Fantasy Role-Play Enthusiasts!

I’d just felt like opening this thread. I’ve been playing MMOs and fantasy RPGs for over ten years. All that time, I’m sure you all notice the common tropes and technical features that such games always have.

I wanna sort of discuss that here and how they actually play a part in the MMO culture. You know? Stuff like skill/stat building. Leveling up. Gaming terms. Item crafting. I realize that as much as I like the fantasy aspect, having these as pop culture references gets pretty funny. :smiley:

So what about you? How long have you played and what are the more technical things you like about MMOs and RPGs?


I’d like to make a small mention that it’s these technical features are just ripe with contrast against what some nuts think fantasy games are all about. Kind of hard to buy the whole witchcraft accusation when you’re sitting in a room hearing geeks debate about the best numbers for a particular stat. :rolleyes:

I played Dungeons and Dragons before it was “cool”. :nerd:

I have been playing RPGs and MMORPGs since 2003. :slight_smile:

My children and I play. It’s fun for my family, because two of the boys have Autism and one of them have the books memorized. If you want to argue a stat with him be will tell you the book and page to look it up.

I gotta friend who is like that. He ain’t autistic but God, I give him props for knowing so much… then again, it comes with the downside that he has the most broken character builds. >_>;;;

My husband plays D&D every Sunday night! :smiley:

I play D&D and I enjoy it :slight_smile: I love crafting my own weapons and armour hehe… and yeah … I love the more technical aspects of the game… there is a steep learning curve and that is one of the reasons why I like gaming… Im not sitting passively listening to nonsense on TV ( I don’t own a TV ) I love puzzles… always have… and I love trying to figure things out…hehe like stats… or what weapon is best against what monster…or… just the sense of achievment at completing a hard quest hehe. :smiley:

Anyways happy gaming everyone!! and God Bless :slight_smile:

Yep, though speaking of TV, I think these aspects still deserve a good deal of TV spotlight because they are just funny when they are referenced.

Personally, I’ve always wanted to do a short parody of Jack Chick’s ludicrous Dark Dungeons tract while mentioning the tropes you pointed out. :stuck_out_tongue:

do it!

I’m consumed not so much with playing RPG’s as with designing RPG systems. I’ve designed over 30 in my lifetime, and I’m never happy with them, yet I keep doing it…

I have taken so many different approaches, I wouldn’t even know which one to share, but darned if it isn’t fun even though they don’t work.

I’m not sure if this is the right word but… taxonomy - that’s what I think is the most fun about it. Looking at all of the various fantasy skills/spells/abilities that one may have and figuring out how they fit together, how they compare and contrast… the essence of how a character can be constructed… his psychology, his latent tendencies, and so on.

How do you define a person? Not “what does the word ‘person’ mean?” but how can you explain a person with skills, spells, and whatnot… so fascinating. To what extent is a commitment to the Arcane opposed to an openness to Science and vice versa? To what extent is a commitment to the mind opposed to bodily development? Oh man, so much fun.

Whoa! You oughta at least get credit for effort! I tried toying with stuff like RPG maker but couldn’t get past character design. :o

Oh yeah. I LOVE tinkering with that concept! I mean, even outside of gameplay, I like designing my fantasy characters with personalities that interact with their abilities in some aesthetic way. I know how you feel and yeah, that type of creative activity is awesome! thumbsup:

Oh, I am afraid that you overestimate me! I have no talent for programming, even with something like RPG maker.

I was talking about pen & paper systems.

Oh yeah. I LOVE tinkering with that concept! I mean, even outside of gameplay, I like designing my fantasy characters with personalities that interact with their abilities in some aesthetic way. I know how you feel and yeah, that type of creative activity is awesome! thumbsup:


Right now I’m trying to draw up a unique type of magic-user for fantasy/high fantasy. It’s so tough to do. I think there’s some untapped potential in the comic book area, some “powers” that I don’t believe have been transferred from the superhero/super-villain realm to fantasy… I don’t know what they are yet, but I’m looking for them.

I was toying with a magic-user who can fly with an implement… then I was like, oops…there’s already the broom (Harry Potter) and the magic carpet (Arabian Nights) type of thing.

Then I was thinking about a magic-user that uses “wishes” only, as in D&D, but maybe weaker wishes… but every time I envision it, it keeps ending up as a magic lamp type of idea all over again… lol

Well from my own experience, such systems can either be easier or actually more difficult. If there’s anything I’ve learned from that show Numb3rs every thought process seems to run on some kind of math. :hypno:

I get a strong feeling you may have already considered this but… ever tried FAIRY GOD PARENTS!!! spasms

I’d love to start a P&P RPG in the “clubhouse” section of the forum, what do you think? I’ve got a lot of content already. :smiley:

What’s P&P? O:

Sorry about that.

Pen and paper. Meaning, not a video game, and not a “live action” (LARP) game.

It really wasn’t necessary for me to use the phrase “P&P” in my previous post as any RPG on a forum is almost guaranteed to be P&P, in a sense.

I see. o:
I think I’ve been in those types of games before, but I had no idea what those are called. O:

We should definitely try that out here in the clubhouse. I’ll work on it. I’m not sure there won’t be protests about “Occultism” though…lol :rolleyes:

We could try it using the safest style for now, which is inspired by the Final Fantasy series. And yes, the only people I’ve seen go after it are some Born-Again Christians.

There was a role-play thread here before but there wasn’t much activity. Such a shame. I certainly would like to see more on another one.

Ah well, good luck with that. I’m working on my parody already. XD

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