Calling all Theologians



Who here is a Theologian? Do you have a degree in Theology? Do you practice or work in Theology?

I am a Theologian, having received a masters degree in Theology, though I currently work in the medical field, and further studying in the medical field. I still love Theology more than any other field, and God willing, I plan on exploring it further in the future, either on it's own, or in conjunction with other fields like medicine, business, etc.

Let me hear your interests in Theology.

God bless,



Having a degree in Theology doesn’t make you a theologian. I have 2 MAs in theology and a DMin and do not consider myself one. I think the Church considers a person a theologian if they teach at the university level or if they do extensive research or writing. I think those with ecclesiastical or pontifical degrees are also considered theologians.

That said I use my degrees more in ministry although I do teach in ministry formation programs. I am a currently a DRE in a program with 1600 kids and I also am involved with RCIA and liturgy on both the parish and diocesan levels. I have also published articles and a book and parts of books.


Having a degree in Theology doesn't make you a theologian.


I'm using the term Theologian in a loose or broad or general sense of anyone who deeply "studies God".

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Eschatology is my favourite.
Please have a look at my website if you like.
God Bless


I also have a MA in Theology.


I do not currently have a degree in theology but plan on getting an M.A. in Theological Studies at some point in the future. I’d like to study systematic theology and also use that to study and research in the area of comparative theology.


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