Calling all who used to be non-Catholic Christians but are now Catholics! Reasons for converting to Catholicism?

Hey everyone,

I’m Catholic but my boyfriend is Protestant and we’ve been having a lot of discussion about the differences in the two religions. I was wondering if anyone had any stories to tell about why they decided to convert from non-Catholic Christianity to Catholicism? (: What were the main things about Catholicism that really got you thinking that perhaps Catholicism was The religion? Or what turned you away from your non-Catholic Christian faith?



I don’t know if this will help in your case or not but here is my story!

I was born into a young mother and fathers life and they never really took care of me, neither one of them were ever religious. They were only forced to go to church as young children. I only knew what church was because all 3 of my grandparents took me to their churches. I used to have to go to a Baptist Church, a Presperian Church and the Catholic Church with my favorite grandparents who had the honor of raising me. The Catholic Church always felt like home more than the other churches I had to go to. I was very young when I started to say that one day I’m going to be an Alter Server. Who knows I was probally 4 or 5 at that time. Kids say the darndest things! But a couple years later when I was 6 or 7 years old, my grandparents talked to the priest and he said that I was old enough to make my own descion if I wanted to be Catholic. Of course I wanted to be Catholic. I had always wanted to be an alter server growing up. This is when I made my descion to become Catholic I was baptized around the age of 7 or 8. I have continued in my Catholic faith since then. I am actually the reason why my grandparents came back to the Catholic Church because they knew that if they didn’t take me to church every Sunday I wasn’t going to know God. At least I wouldn’t get to church every Sunday, if I lived with my mom. I am more religious than my grandparents and neither of my parents know me today, but I am a better person because of my faith and the Catholic Church.

Pray to the Trinity. Everything is possible through prayer and God! :smiley:

I have a similar situation, I was raised in a family that was Irish Protestant, Anglo German as well and Lutheran on one side, Italian French, Spanish Austrian ,German on the other and VERY CATHOLIC , I went to protestant schools all my life as there were no Catholic schools in the area, I was raised in a Lutheran Church from first grade to high school and then most of my friends were in the Episcopal Church which was very active for the youth at that time (1978 to 1975) And it was this exposure to elements of Catholicism that woke my heart and mind up, later on after college ( I went to a southern baptist school in Texas …a bad decision for my education and sanity and faith as it was truely a school of hypocrites ) Later on in life my mother who was then widdowed enjoyed watching EWTN and this is what caused me to reconsider my religious values and make the big decision . My family roots also had something to do with it as well being a Hapsburg/Medici

Wow it’s wonderful that you were so convicted in your Catholic faith at such a young age! Of all the churches I’ve been to, the Catholic church always feels most like home (: That may be because I was brought up in the Catholic church though. Personally I think the Catholic church is a bit daunting to my boyfriend. A bit like a museum to him it seems, so much so that I think he won’t let himself feel the presence of our God :frowning:

Anyway your story was really enlightening. Thanks Katie! I’m glad to know God’s been working so much in your life.

I’ve always wanted to be Catholic somehow. I was baptized into the Lutheran church. Mom took me every Sunday. I remember, when I was a little kid, draping a towel over my head and looking at myself in the bathroom mirror, a pint-size Madonna (the REAL one) with my hands in prayer, tearing up over the image that I was trying to evoke. I had a good friend who was Catholic. She took me to Mass one time, and I felt sort of self-conscious that I didn’t have a Rosary, even though I didn’t know what one was; I just saw other people with them. And she wore a scapular, which I thought was a badge to show that she was part of a cool “club”! (OK, little kid thinking here!)

When I was a young adult, I got a New American Bible for some reason; I don’t know why or when, and I don’t know where it went. Later I called a Lutheran pastor one time, asking him why I shouldn’t be a Catholic. I don’t know what I expected out of him, and I’m sure he was bemused at my call, a random young woman on the other end who was apparently searching for an answer that he couldn’t give. After that, I saw an ad in the paper for a “Catholic Inquiry Class” at the local Shrine. At the last minute, I took the kids to the babysitter, jumped in the car, and went to it! Talk about impulsive…or WAS it??? :eek: Well, I finished the series and was received into the Church. :thumbsup:

Due to lots of adverse situations, I didn’t stay active very long. Even when I wasn’t even considering myself Christian at all, at the request of my father to have my kids baptized (good call, Dad!) I had the kids attend CCD and baptized into the Catholic Church. (He wasn’t too happy with that since he was Lutheran!)

After a lot more bad situations and time passing, I found myself praying the “Jesus prayer” at my second-husband-to-be’s request (OK different story). After that I started reading websites about various “types” of Christianity and ordered a book from some random website; definitely dispensationalist theology. I didn’t hang onto that one very long. We were married by a Baptist minister, and spent a few years debating about faith. After a “faith crisis”, we decided to go to the Lutheran church, a “compromise” between his Baptist background and my Catholic leanings.

But for a few years now, I’ve been reading lots of Catholic websites and books on the sly, and you can see that I’m on this forum, so I guess I still think Catholic is the way to go. The first reason I’ve always thought of is because the Catholic Church is the original church, plain and simple. That was before I really got into reading about the fallacy of Sola Scriptura and the reality of Tradition. And lots of other stuff…I’ve just got to admit that the Lutheran Church doesn’t hold any attraction for me; it doesn’t seem to have ever “moved” me, other than yes, I do hear God’s Word preached and that’s better than nothing. But of course that doesn’t mean that feelings only is the criterion for going to the right church.

Bottom line is, at some point I’m going to have to 'fess up to my husband, and get done what needs to be done to be back in total communion with the Church. That will probably involve more adverse situations, and I’m scared thinking of how I’ll have to go through it. That’s why my screen name is “Secret Believer” :stuck_out_tongue:

It would be impossible for me to fullly explain the reasons why I converted in just a few sentences. I had no influences from any friends or family members. The primary draw for me was completely spiritual. It wasn’t emotional, and it wasn’t intellectual, though I found the Catholic church both emotionally and intellectually satisfying after I was drawn to it.

I felt drawn into the church by the saint I later chose to be my patron/confirmation saint, and by the Blessed Mother. It is difficult to explain how, but it was just a small, still presence and leading that I felt alone at night.

I was born in a family that was Episcopalian. My mother converted from the First Christian Church for my father’s sake. My father really didn’t attend church though. He also was an alcoholic and I think that is one reason.

My mother was a true believer and lived a very Christian life. Although she and my father, whose own mother was baptized Catholic, become a little anti catholic. There was no reason as far as I know for these opinions.

As a young girl of 8 my friend who was Catholic gave me holy cards, statues and a copy of the Baltimore catechism. I have no idea why as I had no other connection with the Catholic Church, but from that time on I wanted to be Catholic. I had my grandmother make jumpers that looked like the ones my friend wore to Catholic school. It seems strange I know. I had set up a little shrine in my closet by the time I was 10. I don’t think my mother was thrilled.

I didn’t attend a Catholic Church until I was 17 and was in college. I would go and sit and bought a little missal and follow along. I started attending an Anglo Catholic parish. I also while in high school would go to the library and get all the books on the Early Church Fathers. For years I considered myself Catholic, but because of my parents I felt that I could not convert and cause them pain.

After their deaths I was received into the Anglican Use Catholic usage in California. Of course due to problems with the Cardinal here we could not have an AU parish.

Also I wan involved with the Catholic Charismatic (sp) movement that Epicopal friends pushed me to attend knowing my leaning towards the Catholic Church. Due to that experience I believe that the Holy Spirit showed me the truth in no uncertain terms of which was the true Church. One day I asked God to show me the truth and opened my Bible to see what word the Lord had for me. Well I turned to “Thou are Peter and upon this rock I will build my Church”. That was so clear to me that I was on the right journey. Of all the pages in the Bible I would turn to that page and passage.

Anyway that is my story. It might not help you, but just keep praying that the Holy Spirit will lead him on the correct path. It might take time, but our Lord is patient.

Yours in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary


I don’t know if this story will help, but I will say it anyway…
I was raised by my father’s parents and siblings who are devout Catholics. I grew up praying the rosary which I hated most when I was a kid… I told myself then that when I grow up I will find other beliefs that don’t pray that way :D.

To make the story short I started joining different Christian churches when I was in high school until college but none of them was ever converted me into their beliefs but rather made me more confused and lost. Maybe because all Christians (non Catholics) condemn Mama Mary, and when I heard such thing, I will immediately turn my back.

The funny thing is… I searched other religions because I don’t like rosary, but this rosary never leaves my pocket… Imagine, the thing that I hated most before was the thing that leads me to the truth… Yes the truth. I believe that the Catholic Church is the church founded by the Lord himself, unlike others founded by man.

Rosary is the devotion to Mama Mary and no Marian will be ever lost from her Son’s flock… It is the mother who leads me closer to the Son.

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