Calling Catholic Women!!

Dear Ladies,
Newsweek’s columnist Anna Quindlen, a Catholic, arrogantly claims to speak for ‘Catholic women’ (her phrase, my quote marks) in her opinion of the Papacy, Church law and the Church in general. Personally, I resent this because she does not speak for me! Take a few minutes and read the following article, and if she is not speaking for you either, let Newsweek know, and pass this on to other Catholic women so we can all let her know that she does not speak for Catholic women, but for a tiny minority of Catholic women, i.e. First World Feminists.
From Newsweeks page, you can email Ms. Quindlen directly or you can email Newsweeks’ Editor.

Here are some tips when writing:

Be as brief as possible and to the point. An editor may edit your letter and your most important point may get missed.
Be respectful.

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'Separate but not equal at all’

Let’s start an Avalanche of protest! It’s time for Catholic Women to let our voices be heard to stop these feminists claiming to speak for all of us in the public forum.



Catholic women other than dissenters never get printed. My spouse has tried repeatedly to do that. Let’s see if Newsweek notices.

I think they assume the women who support orthodoxy must be oppressed - they are forced into this belief by the powerful patriarchial church - so it is their duty as “enlightened” women ,who have cast off this burden, to bring us backwards into the light.
Ho hum :rolleyes:

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