Calling for Backup!


Calling all Catholics! All of my fellow Catholics, I send you a plea for help!

One of my Catholic friends and I have found ourselves to be severely outnumbered on a student’s website debating the truths of Catholicism. The Protestants we were once originally talking with have obviously called for Protestant backup because now the comment box is flooded full of Protestants bashing us!

In short, they believe all of the major myths about Catholicism and are trying to convert us – as if we Catholics were being “misled” by the “evil, Whore of Babylon” and that really “Satanic” Pope Benedict! :eek: . To make matters worse, there are now former ex-Catholics giving us their “testimonies” on how they “finally found Jesus” and were able to “leave the evil traditions of the Church behind”. Ugh…

So, if anyone is looking for a debate to defend the faith… I beg and plead with you to go to this website!! Let’s set them straight! THANKS!! :thumbsup:


Hello Boomer,

If they are so tough and sure of themselves, why don’t you challenge them to come here?


I checked it out, and it really is just a bunch of guys flooding a thread. Some very polarized opinions with people who don’t want to discuss anything, just bash.

Hopefully someone reads the Catholic position and sees Catholics as not just a bunch of brainwashed zombies, that there is an actual intellectually responsible position.



Boomer Sooner,

I’m posting as Pictionary - I’m taking a little tougher line that I would take here, but I feel it’s warrented. Maybe I can antagonize them into coming here to discuss…



The problem with going to a Catholic bashing forum is that they will suspend you if you disprove their statements. Then they will gloat over how they beat you. So what is the sence in going there.


RyanL – you have a PM in your Inbox from me!

As for the website – it’s not a pro-Protestant website. It is actually the website of a friend of mine from school. He has been teetering whether to seriously consider Catholicism. But, alas, some Protestants are trying to sway him in the other direction by feeding him nothing but pure lies about the faith…

I encourage all of you to go there and help steer him in the right direction, but I warn you – their vicious lies and misconceptions about Catholicism are enough to make you want to pull your hair out!!! :mad:


Yeah, I was just there as “Christian 5.” It’s a pretty depressing site. It seems that they don’t even care at all what we say.


In one ear and out the other… :frowning:


I just posted there.


BS, Oh, I, AH, Mean, BoomerSooner,:wink:

I just posted there too. I suggest you ignore them all and post on an adult forum. It does not look Christian at all by their posts. They seem childish, ignorent and biggoted. Oh, did I say anti-Catholic and simple minded? They all ignore the Bible too, even the abridged and edited unauthorized Protestant versions.

I may post some more there but I do not fell it is an exchange as much as a firing range.:bigyikes:
Uhm??? Come to think of it, kicked me off for being Catholic! What a free and openminded forum they have too!


cool, wonder if I’ll get kicked off for not being catholic. :smiley:


yes, and I have a nice non-denominational question on the post entitled “Traditions”


Who was Chilehead? Thanks for the argument, I copy and stored it for reference for the quotes, the story, and the general info.:smiley: Very nice.


[quote=elle]cool, wonder if I’ll get kicked off for not being catholic. :smiley:

We have many non catholics and they are welcomed as long as they are respectful. Many Catholics get kicked off for not being respectful.


Thanks, Ann Cheryl. I do respect that these are your beliefs.


[quote=elle]cool, wonder if I’ll get kicked off for not being catholic. :smiley:

In my few months on this board, I don’t recall anyone being kicked off for not being Catholic, nor for having opposing viewpoints. The idea of the forum is for discussion, and I’ve seen a lot of open and intelligent dialogue here - on very contriversial issues, even - that have maintained the intelligent aspect of discussion, and it has really impressed me.

Btw, glad you’re here! :thumbsup:


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