Calling herself a devout Catholic, leading U.S. politician says banning abortion ignores basic morality


The California congresswoman [has described herself as a “devout practicing Catholic.”

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:nauseated_face:. Seriously excommunication needs to be used a lot more.

There are few things that anger me more than pro aborts who pretend that they are Catholic.


The California congresswoman [has described herself as a “devout practicing Catholic.”

She lies. As does Joe Biden.


Whenever a politician brings describes themselves as being a devout Catholic, I know instantly who not to vote for.


I am pro life and avoid calling myself “devout” (see James 1:26-27). I prefer to call myself “practicing”. Being devout is a good thing, but if I call myself that, I feel like I will convince myself that there is nothing to work on.


Wasn’t she good no to meet with then Pope John Paul to instruct him on Church Doctrine? Eventually NP will have to answer to her maker ,let’s hope she has an authentic Come to Jesus moment


It is not my job to determine who is devout and who is not, that is between each person, their priest and God.

For me, I rejoice that the Church does not require perfection before one can call oneself Catholic, because that means I can be a Catholic.


I notice she gives no reasoning, not that there could be any from a standpoint of Catholic morality. Her positions are untenable, morally and theologically.


“Pelosi has defended her position by suggesting that she knew more than the pope did on the issue.”

This is a problem attitude on both ends of the spectrum that is a great harm to the faith of the young and the new Catholic.


There have been more than 50 million abortions since 1973. Democrats voted against banning abortions after 20 weeks (Pain-Capable), and they even voted against protecting babies born after botched abortions. Infanticide.
As usual, the Democrats are the Party that lacks compassion.


I was suprised to read she was personally rebuked for her stance on abortion by Pope Benedict XVI in 2009 but she still is publicly advocating for abortion. Knowing that, I think it’s safe to say she just uses her faith as a means to get votes, I pray that she does not lead other Catholics astray.


I can confidently call myself a “believer”, because I do, but it doesn’t always translate into doing what I ought (hence the sacrament of confession).


Well, the Archbishop of Washington DC just allowed “Catholic” pro-abortion Pelosi to give a “eulogy” at a Catholic funeral for pro-abort Cokie Roberts. Both publicly advocated for abortion with platforms reaching millions of Americans. But, hey, let’s not judge. No scandal here, folks. The only correction the Church gives is to those who are actually trying to live the faith and practice our traditions.


Yeah, I saw that the other day. Cokie Roberts should not have even been given a public funeral, let alone have Nancy Pelosi give a “eulogy” at it. It’s these kinds of things done by clergy in our own church that de-legitimize the pro-life movement and make those opposed to abortion seem like, in Cokie Roberts’ own words, “extremists”.


Lots of judgemrnt going on in this thread. Not a good look, IMO.


Unfortunately, “devout” Catholics such as Pelosi only reaffirm the backwards beliefs of millions of non-practicing liberal Catholics in the West who do a great disservice to the Pope and his Church by misrepresenting them both. I don’t believe they hold and defend such wicked views due to poor catechesis, but rather out of willful ignorance. Even many secularists are of the misguided belief that you can be pro-abortion and a practicing Catholic, which is why the laity must denounce heresies and the Church must excommunicate those who knowingly spread them.


These are black and white issues - easy to judge. “Doormat Catholicism” isn’t working out anymore.


It works for many, just fine. We don’t need to come to such uncharitable conclusions of others in the way I am reading in this


We know abortion is wrong, whether technically legal or not. Hopefully we don’t participate in it. Just because it is “legal” doesn’t mean we are forced into them.

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What’s wrong with the judgements people are offering? You cannot support abortion if you are Catholic. Since she is choosing to reject Church teaching, it’s fair to say that she is not nearly as “devout” as she claims.

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