Calling Illinoisans to fight HB 2234 designed to legitimize homosexual relationships

TAKE ACTION: Click >>>HERE<<< to send an email or fax to your State Representative today and ask him/her to vote ‘NO’ to HB 2234 or any other legislation designed to subsidize and legitimize homosexual relationships and change the God-ordained institutions of marriage and family.

Then you can follow that up with a call to your state representative – the capitol switchboard number is (217) 782-2000. Click HERE to look up your elected officials or call the IFI office at 708-781-9328 and we will gladly look them up for you. Phone calls are very effective!

Below is the roll call of today’s committee vote. Please call and thank those who voted against HB 2234

The Catholic Conference also has more information. And has said if this bill should pass this would create a greater problem:[1][2].doc

Religious Liberty Concerns. Beyond the important concerns identified, I should highlight the conflict hidden in HB 2234 – the emerging conflict between this legislation and religious liberty.

While the bill states that nothing in the Act should interfere with or regulate the religious practice of any religious body, such language may offer little protection in the context of litigation that religious institutions could face under the bill if adopted. Among the questions that could emerge include:

*]Will Catholic Charities be required to place foster children or adoptive children with couples in same sex marriages / civil unions?
*]Will faith-based institutions, such as schools, be compelled to hire a partner in a same sex marriage / civil union even if it interferes with a core aspect of the institution’s ministry?
*]Will faith-based institutions be compelled to pay for benefits for same sex couples even if this conflicts with core tenets of the beliefs of that institution?
*]Applications for permits and licenses with various levels of government require compliance with all laws. How will those applications be affected if the state recognizes same sex marriages / civil unions while the applicants that are faith-based institutions do not?

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