Calling In 'Gay' to Work Is Latest Form of Protest,2933,464024,00.html

SAN FRANCISCO — Some same-sex marriage supporters are urging people to “call in gay” Wednesday to show how much the country relies on gays and lesbians, but others question whether it’s wise to encourage skipping work given the nation’s economic distress.

Organizers of “Day Without a Gay” — scheduled to coincide with International Human Rights Day and modeled after similar work stoppages by Latino immigrants — also are encouraging people to perform volunteer work and refrain from spending money.

Sean Hetherington, a West Hollywood comedian and personal trainer, dreamed up the idea with his boyfriend, Aaron Hartzler, after reading online that a few angry gay-rights activists were calling for a daylong strike to protest California voters’ passage last month of Proposition 8, which reversed this year’s state Supreme Court decision allowing gay marriage.

Got any more Christmas shopping to do? Do it tomorrow! :thumbsup: Especially if you have any large purchases coming up in the near future, please consider making them tomorrow. I don’t want to see this protest make even the smallest dent.

Actually, this “Call in Gay” day may turn out to be a good thing. It might give their employers a reason to fire them and save money by not having to pay those absurd same-sex partner benefits.

:yup: I was thinking the same thing.

I told DH and he informed me that tomorrow I have an early morning dental appt. and he’s going to be a little late for work! :rotfl:

Ugh, this reminds me of a lovely occurence at my former university. Something along the lines of “wear jeans if you’re gay day”. Of course I lived in a bubble and would just go to school one day (yes, probably in jeans, what else! :wink: ) and see these chalk rainbows on the walkways and go :confused: ? Something to do with demonstrating that homosexuality is as common as jeans.

Fire somebody because they are gay? Illegal much?

Nope. Fire someone for an unexcused absense. Quite legal. :thumbsup:

We had gay blue jean day at college too. Everyone, homosexual or straight, was supposed to wear jeans in support of gay rights.

I and my friends wore dresses those days. :wink:

It’s pretty much impossible to prove that people are taking off because they’re queer. Most people who are silly enough to do this will probably say they’re ill.

At least slacks … me too.

Another case of “get out of my demographic, you’re making us all look like idiots!” >.< Regardless of whatever direction my quirks run, I’m going into work tomorrow, same as I do every day I’m scheduled. And I like the shopping tip: I’ve got gifts I was planning to buy anyway, so I’ll make it a point to buy them tomorrow.

Depends on which state you are in. In 30 states it is perfectly legal from what I understand.

That to me is almost like asking peopel to wear underwear on those days. There are so many people who wear jeans.

I heard about this on the radio earlier this week…

I about fell off my chair because what I thought they were announcing was…

“A day without gay protests…”

I was extremely pleased to hear that gay people had decided to take a day off from protesting-because it gets kind of old seeing yet another gay protest every day on the news.

Seriously, seeing one more gay man strolling around San Francisco dressed up as a nun is not going to change my mind about homosexuality.

Then, a few minutes later I realized that they were calling it the “Day without Gays” protest…

Needless to say, I was very disappointed. :banghead:

So? Laws aren’t always right.

So you don’t see anything wrong with firing all homosexuals?

Sounds good to me, people shouldn’t be forced to hire sodomites if they don’t want to.

Its called freedom of conscience.


So you don’t see anything wrong with firing all homosexuals?

Not really. Not since they started demanding gay marriage, and insulting religious people, no.


Hey, if they want to call me a “hater” because I disagree with gay marriage, then I might as well give them a reason that I agree with,

haha, just be careful, these people are known to become very very violent, just look at all the Churches and people they have attacked, i would advise you to at lease get some pepperspray if you can’t or don’t want to get a gun or a knife.

A. It is the right of anyone who to advocate for gay marriage. We don’t fire people in America for advocating for a political cause. It is our right to disagree with them, and their right to disagree back.

B. When that disagreement crosses the line, it becomes a crime. However, homosexuals represent a broad spectrum of people. There is no monolithic “they” who are out “insulting religious people”. Have you thought about all the people who’ll be caught up in your great purge that never even said anything?

Even if it were the case that the majority of homosexuals insult religion, it would still be immoral and wrong to call for their mass firing. We don’t do things that way.

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