Calling local stores to remove racy magazines from checkout lines!

I went to the grocery store yesterday with my daughter. What a sad day it is, when even on a grocery check out line, kids (and adults!) have to see covers of magazines with half naked women on them. Has anyone seen the latest Sports Illustrated cover?:eek: The model is wearing nothing but a beaded necklace draped over her chest. My dd saw it, and told me about…I looked and was like…:eek: I didn’t have time yesterday, but I am contemplating calling store managers and asking them to remove this stuff from the check out lines, and in the magazine aisles. This should not be something our kids can easily see!:mad: I can’t even believe that Sports Illustrated is putting out this garbage…what happened to swimsuits for pete’s sakes? And those used to be racy, but at least the models were wearing something! When and where will this kind of thing end?:frowning:

What do you think the response will be…do you agree with me?

This is an issue (no pun intended) that pops up every few years. Supermarkets may consider removing such magazines from the impulse racks at the registers and they may consider obscuring them on the magazine racks, but only if they receive enough respectful requests from customers.

On a regular basis I go and cover all of those racy mags with cooking mags.

but I totally agree.

Nice, I commend you. That garbage makes me sick. Human bodies treated as objects for sale.

Whatever happened to those Enquirer magazines, with the aliens and lobster people? At least those were good for a laugh while waiting in line.

You’re thinking of the Weekly World News (the National Enquirer is just another celebrity gossip rag), which has sadly shut down. I bought a copy of the last issue in memoriam.

The Sun appears to be running a WWN insert nowadays though, but it just isn’t the same.

Our grocery stores around here have special little covers so you can see the title but not the pictures.

Skip the store manager and call Corporate and get as many people possible to call! I too am disgusted.

It is incredible. When I was standing in the checkout lane, I looked up and there was a young celebrity wearing a see through ‘dress.’ Her underwear was visible. Why she had a jacket over that and was carrying a handbag, I don’t know, but it did not make the image in any way respectable. Plus, it sends the wrong message to young girls who may think there is something to admire about her.

This was deliberate on the part of the people who publish that magazine. It is important to tell grocery store owners that it is wrong to display such magazines this way. It is also wrong for supermarkets to sell sexually suggestive magazines which do lead to access to so-called hardcore porn.

Be polite but firm.

God bless,

Sorry won’t get involved in this one.

Why not?


Don’t need to. It doesn’t affect me as I do not buy or look at them anyhow. I’ve never noticed what was on them because I simply never pay them any attention no matter where they are placed.

It does affect you Jim. As a Catholic, as part of the Body of Christ, this is a serious problem. The degradation of the dignity of the human person affects every human being.

God bless,

No it doesn’t. You’re judging for me. I don’t need that. As I said I’ve never even noticed what was on the covers of these things. Will you please stop making generalizations for all Catholics? You did this in another thread and it really disgusted me then as well as now.

Don’t know how big your grocery store is, but in some of the larger chains, at least around here, they have some aisles that have removed the candy displays in one or two isles for mothers with small children. It helps poor mom get through the checkout without the little munchkins driving her crazy to buy candy bars.

If a grocery store will do that, I don’t see why you couldn’t request a family aisle or two. One where there is no candy, or racy magazines, or anything else objectionable displayed to young children or anyone else. Sell it to the store as presenting themselves as a concerned corporate citizen that’s family friendly. It would be good advertising for them. Who knows, it just might work???


I actually just read (for everyone who is interested) that Ashley Simpson and the guitarist from Fallout Boy got married recently…the checkout line, I tell you, is quite informational, indeed. I know…you just had to know this, right? Go tell everyone you know…go…go!:rotfl:

Hi jim–haha…You walked in to the room here…surely you have something to say.:slight_smile:

My dd was looking at the candy rack, and it was hard to miss. She then told me about it. My concern, is that I typically don’t notice, but my 12 yr old did…and that just irks me.

hey now–that’s not a bad idea. I love this store. They are the nicest people and this is a big chain in FL–called Publix. Not all of the stores have this nice of staff working there–they really go the extra mile. I feel the manager should know first. But, if nothing changes, I think I’ll go the route you suggest. It is just downright gross…I mean, it’s right next to the candy rack? I just wonder if anyone is using their minds out there, anymore?! :shrug:

I will usually cover up the magazine with another magazine and then bring it up to cash register and if I get no response I will talk to the next in line. Usually they are in complete agreement and will have it taken care of.

But does one ever think that the more fuss we make about the more the publicity feeds on itself and the product continues to sell more? Just a thought.

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