Calling off sick

It’s been a while since i’ve posted! Thanks in advance for your responses! So here is my question:

I had woke up this morning not feeling completely great, a little achy, like a pretty minor cold might be coming on. I work in a massive call center, so I am not putting much stress at all on my co-workers by being out. So I called off. I feel like I probably could have gone in, and I know it wouldn’t have been a catastrophe or anything, but it was a really nice day with my family lounging around. Obviously this wouldn’t be a mortal sin, or even grave, would you think this would be a venial sin? I feel a little bad, like maybe I should have gone in, but i had such a nice day with my family…Any thoughts?

I see no problem whatsoever

I think you did the responsible thing. Who knows it could have been a major flu strain and you end up passing it on to your coworkers. At Mass this morning I was sitting next to a woman that was blowing her nose and clearing her throat all during Mass. I wish she would have done the responsible thing because I’m sure she was sick or coming down with something.

Better safe than sorry.

You did nothing wrong

Thanks everyone

Here’s a similar question- what if an employee calls off sick but is not sick, but he has personal/business/family matters to attend to? The other options to call off are scheduled vacation time, bereavement, etc, but no choice for “personal day.” The position is eagerly covered by others (overtime).
When he does the call he simply says “I’m calling in sick,” not “I’m sick and I can’t work today.”

Degree of sin???

No personal days? I thought those were pretty standard. I would just say, “I need to use one of my sick days” and leave it at that. :shrug:

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