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So I’m reading through St. Gemma Galgani’s diary, which is short, but I have a question. I’m about a third the way through and it is retelling her days in the year 1900. What was her living arrangement at that time? Sounds like she was about 22 then. But she speaks of seeing her spiritual director priest regularly, go to mass and confession regularly, and it seems her sister picked on her. So did she live at home at that time? What was the arrangement? It sounds like she had a set time to adjourn to her room too.

Hi MarcoPolo,
This is Glenn Dallaire from the St Gemma Galgani website. A friend directed me to your question/post.
To reply to the first part of your question, Saint Gemma was living with the Giannini family at the time her Diary was written (July 19-Sept 3, 1900). They had taken her in because of the recent death of her father and the loss of her family home.

To reply to the 2nd part of your question, Gemma had Monsignor Giovanni Volpi as her confessor since childhood. He was the auxiliary Archbishop of Lucca and a very close friend and confidant of Gemma. In fact, he was the one who requested her to write her Diary.
Additionally, Jesus led Venerable Father Germanus C.P. to become Gemma’s spiritual director. They met on September 3, 1900 and on the day he first met her. he directed Gemma to stop writing her Diary and begin writing about her entire life—a document which became her Autobiography as we have it today. This is why Gemma’s Diary ends on September 3, 1900.

Those interested can read St Gemma’s Diary in its entirity here.
Also St Gemma’s Autobiography can be read here.

I hope this reply helps.
Best wishes and may God bless you and your loved ones,
Glenn Dallaire

Abundant thanks for visiting here and replying, Glenn. Good info. :o

For those interested, just wanted to post here my follow up thoughts on this diary in Wisdom from the Diary of St. Gemma Galgani. :o

Thanks so much!

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