Calling to Loyola University Chicago

So I submitted my application about a week ago and I am not waiting to see if I am accepted. For what ever reason I feel that God wants me there. I am not sure why, because from what I've heard it's a very liberal place. Very open to the homosexual comminuty and other religions. My goal is to compleaste my Criminal Justice, but too major in Philosophy.

Does anyone have any more info on this school? And why would God want me to be in a place like this?

So go (if you get in;)). Is it affordable? Do you like Chicago? Sounds like a done deal–interesting combo of major/minor, tho’–are you thinking about the priesthood?

Well as any college there will be some spending lol. Well I live near Chicago, so yeah I do love it. I am not thinking about the priesthood, but people always tell me how easily philosophy comes to me, and I love the subject as well. I am trying to be a police officer, but with the economy the way it is, it’ hard to get a job like that. Only thing that worries me I guess are the rumors I’ve heard on how “liberal” the school is. I know where I stand on my faith, but I wonders if I will have any trouble because of it?

Don’t know much about Chicago, but I am looking into Loyola Extension Program out of New Orleans, sponsored at Raleigh in my Diocese of Raleigh, NC. I really like the programs available and Raleigh is only 2 hours away. The cost, however, is what is stopping me. Extension students are not eligible for Fed. Fin Aid,is what I have read on the Loyola Institute for Ministry website, I think. As for liberal or not, I haven’t heard anything about that. I should look into that. Good luck on your path!

Well, if you go, you’ll find out. You can learn to stick up for yourself! If you go into law enforcement, you’ll have to acquire a spine for that, and you can use it to defend your faith.
Increasingly, young people are learning to or being told that they should learn to–respect other people’s ‘boundaries’. In my day, this was never done. Now it is, and people will tell you to Back Off if you don’t respect them. If fellow students ridicule or attack you, tell them to Back Off. They should listen.

This is probably the best advise I’ve gotten :thumbsup:
And thanks to the other two poster for the advise and info, I will check into other things as well.

I graduated with my first degree from there. I liked it a lot. Actually, I attended Mundelein College, and was the last graduating class from Mundelein, but my diploma reads Loyola. I liked it there. But I don’t remember if it was liberal, but then this was in 1992…I was quite conservative at the time, and I don’t remember being in conflict with it. Times have changed though…

I’m not much help am I?.. the campus is gorgeous :smiley:

Lol thank you for your help. Yes, the campus is gorgeous, another reason to go there :smiley:

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