Calvary Jesus’ Most Distressing Disguise


Jesus’ Most Distressing Disguise on Calvary
St. Theresa of Calcutta saw the poor as Jesus in His most distressing disguise. I want to propose that to fulfill Scripture and to deceive Satan and his minions into crucifying Jesus, His most distressing disguise was as the high priest entering His Temple in “full regalia” at Calvary. For instance, the high priest had to wear a breast piece of pure gold with 12 stones with two leaves around his neck. But the word in Hebrew for pure also means clean and gold can mean golden in color (the lamp oil is called gold in Zech 4:12). To fulfill this the high priest gave Pilate a wax writing tablet that was a replica of his breast plate and the Pilate used that tablet to record Jesus’ sentence and I was turned inside out while Jesus wore it around His neck carrying His cross and then it became His golden crown above His head when His was crucified. Because His hands were bound Jesus could not reach in and pull out the Urim or the Thummim, so God provided two thieves one white (meaning no) and one black (yes). When the black man said remember me, it confirmed to Jesus the answer was yes. Every part of the High priest’s outfit, sacrifices, anointing and the tabernacle was fulfilled in Jesus’ passion and resurrection. Jesus fulfilled the sacrifices, the priesthood, temple/tabernacle, etc.
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