Calvin, the Prototype Formal Heretic and Spiritual Torturer

The following is a speculative tidbit. :slight_smile:

In the fourth trumpet, a third of the Catholic clergy fell morally, paving the way for the fifth trumpet, Protestantism. The torture of five months is a spiritual torture, five great stings of spiritual wrath for each Sacraement that formal heretics deprive their victims of, and who exercise on their victims, the material heretics, persons who are truly humble and fear Rome and its fathers because of their sins, and hence, not trusting the true Church, they are led into the terror of sola scriptura and the wrath of the formal heretics.

These formal heretics are driven according to pride and anger and use the scandal of the RCC as a weapon against it, the true Church nonetheless, despite the sins of some of its fathers. The formal heretic, scandalized by hypocritical bishops, is driven by the seduction of the dragon, who instigated Protestantism as the final stage of supernatural goodness, to pave the way for the loss of Christendom and the beginning of the apostasy from the supernatural way of life.

Behold, there are five sacraments lost in heresy, and the Calvinist, the prototype monster of spiritual torture, uses the antithesis of these five sacraments as weapons of torture on the innocent Calvinists, the ones who live humbly, and in fear of whether their salvation is even possible. Hence, the five stings of scorpion torture on the material heretics:

I. Anti-Confession: You can NEVER be forgiven of your serious sin. You have committed the unforgivable sin, the mark of the beast, the blaspheme against the Holy Spirit.

II. Anti-Eucharist: You are GUILTY of the Body and Blood of the Lord, and so are condemned, as the Apostle saith.

III. Anti-Confirmation: You are CONFIRMED in damnation, predestined for eternal wrath.

IV. Anti-Holy Orders: there is no formal Apostolic Succession that is guaranteed to infallibly interpret Scripture, and so you can only HOPE that your particular community is the one that faithfully interprets the only Word of God, the Written Word. Therefore, cower in fear, for the chances are that you misinterpret the Word, to your own damnation.

V. Anti-Annointing of the Sick: therefore, seeing as you are a vessel fitted for wrath, and there is no hope for you, seeing as you have committed the unforgivable sin, and are predestined to hell, unforgivable, so then, take up your annointing unto damnation, pathetic creature, and enjoy what little time you have left on this earth before you pass into the fires that never end. Therefore, eat, fornicate, drink and indulge, for when it is through, ye shall pass into the fires that you deserve.

I personally know a woman who is now Catholic who shared her testimony.

She was a member of a Calvinist-like, cult-like group of “Christians” who told her that she was one of the damned, but that she would at least have the pleasure of knowing she helped served a portion of the “elect.”

I believe it was also Tim Staples who knew a guy that was losing sleep, going through terrible anxiety because he was, as a Calvinist, beginning to think he had a sin habit that was a sign he was on the damned.

It is easy to be Calvinist if you are “certain” that you are one of the elect.

But try being an HONEST, HUMBLE, NON-PRESUMPTUOUS Calvinist. Tell that to the hypocrites who think their salvation is assured.

Freud probably made a lot of money off those people!! :smiley:

People never got saved by doctrine…

His sheep hear his voice.

Amen, I wouldn’t doubt if mental illness skyrocketed in the years 1500 - 1700.

Not that Freud was alive then, but that mental illness is surely the end result of being subject to the terror of Protestantism.

I myself was a victim of their wrath. I got mentally ill trying to find the true religion.

yes, hard core conservative Protestantism is a good propogator of the plague of mental illness. AFter all, how do you know for sure what you have to do to get saved without a formal authority to interpret Scripture?

hence, i reiterate, the only way to be protected from the scourge of Protestant terror (sola-scriptura) is to have the Seal of Catholicism. In Catholicism, you KNOW you have the truth, and don’t just HOPE you do. That is, if you are an innocent Protestant. But if you have an evil conscience, you are rather the monster that exercises the torture, rather than the victim.

But usually, Scripture doesn’t say, “Saved people do what is right.” It simply says, “DO what is right,” which clearly implies, KEEP doing what you are doing or else you go to hell.

Christ will draw the greater good from Protestantism. Already the fruits of Protestantism are shown.

If the nuclear holocuast must come, Protestantism of the terror type will be cleared out quickly because people will fear God and will not be able to bear the torture of not knowing for sure how to get the heaven. The Magisterium is a welcome relief for those who have a healthy fear of hell.

I do so love your bombast! I really DO like bombast, and you do it well. :slight_smile:

I most definately agree that the leaders of any church (sect) of “I am my Pope” are purposefully leading people into that very difficult place where they either lose hope of salvation (from not knowing what to do) or self-defensively promote themselves to “the elect” which forces them into leading more people into their nasty predicament.

The “encouraging” thing, so to speak, is that this contagion eventually burns down it’s material support, which is precisely what we’re seeing today (as ever) in the degradation of human person-hood and escalation of “market turmoil”.

So, we just need to be “light on our feet” and not crumble when “the world” crumbles.

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