Cameras for Christ

Why would you not want to have adoration 24-7. This is Jesus were talking about right? Or is it just bread? I asked this very question to a priest about 2 weeks ago and he said they don’t have adoration for security reasons. Have you ever heard of cameras? You know you can get them for pretty cheap at Wal-Mart. Lets call it “Cameras for Christ”.

The two parishes I attend both have chapels with special locks that require a code for entrance. They have never had security problems with this set-up.

How do people get in to Adore the Blessed Sacrament?

Other than security, I think most churches wouldn’t want to have adoration with the exposed Eucharist when there is no one there to keep Jesus company. Without a committed roster of people, the priest would need to take up the slack and that can be very difficult on an ongoing basis. A secure room where adoration can take place with the Eucarist in the tabernacle is different and I can see a passcode system working there.

That is true. Our parish is currently trying to ask people to commit themselves 1 hour per week. If we have enough votes, we will have Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration.

security cameras are of no value whatever, unless someone is monitoring them and can report anything suspicious to a security agency or law enforcement who will respond, and unless they can record incidents to assist in identifying suspects in wrongdoing. By themselves they do not deter anything, nor do they offer direct protection to visitors.

Parishioners sign up for an hour and are given the code.

In our perpetual adoration chapel, the Monstrance sits behind bullet-proof glass in a wall separating the chapel from the little room behind, where the priest or deacon enters. No one has access to the Blessed Sacrament from where the public sits. Jesus is easily adored from all sides of the chapel.

The outside door to the chapel has a special lock with coded access for after-dark hours. During the day it is open for all.

And we also have cameras in case of any monkey-business.

Often, when a parish priest gives you an answer as such above, what he’s really saying is, “you want it, you run it.” In other words, you raise the money to build the chapel, if required, recruit and schedule the people, and stay responsible for it, until some one replaces you. Don’t drop a mess into his hands.


Point taken. What does OCDS mean?

OCDS = Secular Order of Discalced Carmelites.

Essentially, its a 3rd order.


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