Cameroon: Children killed in attack on school in Kumba

Cameroon: Children killed in attack on school in Kumba

Gunmen have stormed a private school in a restive area of Cameroon killing at least six children and wounding a dozen others, officials say.

Officials in the south-western city of Kumba blamed Anglophone secessionists for the attack. This has not been independently confirmed.

A local education official said the victims were aged between 12 and 14.

Parts of Cameroon have been gripped by unrest since Anglophone groups stepped up their push for independence in 2016.

The English-speaking people in Cameroon are allegedly and reportedly marginalised (probably true actually). If one looks at the situation, it would seem ridiculous to be warring like this over speaking different languages and those languages being French and English.

Per article, the attack took place at the “Mother Francisca” school. Sounds Catholic to me.

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Why do these things happen? And why to children on top? What do they have to do with the derangement of the adults?Poor families…poor children …


Sounds familiar… :canada: (and deadly violence did indeed occur in Canada over this).

Religion is always blamed for violence by the tiresome Hitchens/Dawkins fanboy anti-theists but the truth is humans always find something to fight over.

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