Campaign Against Barbara Walters Begins

The war is about to begin

Campaign Against Barbara Walters Begins

On today’s edition of “The View,” a discussion on the propriety of male nannies led Rosie O’Donnell to declare that she would never hire one to care for her adopted children. Barbara Walters asked her, “Are you worried about homosexual tendencies? Is that what you are saying?” O’Donnell replied, “No, pedophilia has nothing to do with homosexual” [sic]. To which Walters said, “Oh, pedophilia.” Shortly thereafter, O’Donnell asked Walters if she would have hired a male nannie for her daughter when she was growing up. Walters hesitated, and before she could speak, Joy Behar interjected with the comment, “A priest perhaps?” O’Donnell grimaced and the audience roared with laughter.

Catholic League president Bill Donohue outlined his strategy as follows:

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God bless Bill Donahue. May his numbers increase.

The only concern I have is that the attention Baba gets may increase viewership of the damnable show.


I can probably start early. I go to a place at lunch that usually has “The View” on its TV. I can tell them I will not be eating there until the station is change.

I dont understand why she gets away with what she does.

Well I do agree that pedophilia has nothing to do with homosexual. OTOH, I don’t like Rosie and don’t watch the View. It’s a woman’s show. Not for men.

Ummm, no… it is an idiot’s show not for thinking people.

As is most of the daytime talk shows :frowning:

I am glad that Bill Donohue wants to wage an attack on Barbara Walters. Once he is done with her, he should then turn his attention to Glenn Beck - a former Catholic turned Mormon. He can be INCREDIBLY PREJUDICED against Catholics. But Bill Donohue does appear on his show from time to time. I wonder if that poses a conflict of interest. HMMMM…

God bless Bill Donohue. We need to be vocally supportive of his efforts because whenever he speaks out against anti-Catholic bias, he is villified by the MSM.

Glenn Beck is hardly in the same league as the shrews on the View.



I have always detested the View. Even before Rosie, I found the chatter vapid and a waste of good breath.

goofyjim, many of us females hate this show.

The consistant digs made towards Catholicism would never be tolerated if the same digs were made towards Islam or Judaism.

Exactly. And that is why we need to be militant about it. Go after the sponsors. Go after the establishments that have it on their TV. When revenue and viewship goes down, only then will those who produce sewage like “The View” get the hint.

You left out the best part:

“Accordingly, beginning in mid-June, we will commence a public relations campaign against Barbara Walters. When we’re finished, so too will be her once stellar reputation. Today was the last straw.”

I can’t wait! Time for some accountability in the media, and BW might as well be the first “example” to be made.

humm… I’ve never once heard Glenn say anything prejudiced agianst Catholics.

Yes he was “Catholic” growing up. In Seattle Washington, his parents got divorced and his Mom killed herself. If anything he has my sympathy he’s lucky he survived his childhood.

Writing letters to The View & ABC doesn’t seem to help. Does anyone know who the sponsors are?

I do not know, but since ABC is owned by Disney, we should also boycott Disney

[quote=]…Walters hesitated, and before she could speak, Joy Behar interjected with the comment, “A priest perhaps?” O’Donnell grimaced and the audience roared with laughter…

I guess I’m wondering what anyone finds offensive with anything B. Walters said or did not say. From what is posted here–looks like Joy & Rosie were having fun with the priest issue–not Barbara.

And while we’d all like to bury this ulgly chapter in our history–we have to accept that it was the failure of our own church leadship to responsibly and decisively deal with this issue that delivers it into the hands of those ready to take aim at the Catholic Church. The mere appearance of impropriety opens us up to attack-- evidence of notice and/or knowledge of wrongdoing, cover up and passing the buck while innocent children were being victimized WAS and IS indefensible.

I repeat, I am shocked that Rosie in her flagrant disregard for our beliefs would still insinuate that a homosexual is automatically a pedophile. Or am reading something else here. That upsets me because the majority of homosexual persons are not pedophiles.

She is the producer, present and allowed it to happen. Therefore, she is responsible.

I am hoping this is only the first target in a long line of targets.

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