Campaign Against Barbara Walters Begins

But, Jim, many pedophiles claim to be homosexual, most are men, but that isn’t the point. The point is Barbara is the boss/producer or whatever, of a show - The View -that continues to let Rosie mock the Church. Myself I have never watched the show, and never will.

[sign][size=3]Boycott!!! [/sign]Oh? …[/size]I guess I already do…?

Pedophiles who bugger boys are by that very act committing a homosexual act.


“Accordingly, beginning in mid-June, we will commence a public relations campaign against Barbara Walters. When we’re finished, so too will be her once stellar reputation. Today was the last straw.”

That’s nto a very Catholic statement. Seems more like revenge then justice.

I have no problems with the Catholic League defending itself as well as publically claiming that statements on the view are obviously Anti-Catholic, however “delcaring War” and “ruining a stellar reputation” is certainly not the way to do it.

I really wish people would stop to think before they react to issues such as this. It’s not about revenge, it’s about knowledge and justice.

I highly doubt the MSM will even report anything to us about the Catholic Defense League’s “attack” on BW. They have written off the CDL as a bunch of fanatical nuts.

As for ruining BW’s reputation–there’s no way it’s going to happen. She’s too well loved and respected (not saying she deserves to be) within the liberal left. All that Donahue will do is stir them up and get them to close ranks around her.

Anti-Catholicism has become the accepted sport of Hollywood. Any attempts at calling them on it will be like stopping a bull elephant with a bee-bee gun.

We need to pray for these poor benighted souls and live our Catholic faith before them–to the point of martyrdom, if necessary.

Barbara Walters has always been very anti-catholic as well as anti-christian. My wife used to watch her show. No more!! I have written to her and the others on her show letting them know that we would no longer be watching. Especially as long as “Rosie” is still on there. I trully hope that Donahue campaign will have its intended effect!!!


I too have never liked that show. I have far better things to do with my time than watch The View, now some of the other day time talk shows are entertaining at least - Rachel Ray and Ellen, well I can’t think of any others as Oprah went new agey on us some time ago so I can’t even always tolerate her show any more.

Brenda V.

Yes, I’m with you on that one. Change, good or bad comes from “within”. We can’t stop people from “saying” things…nor would we without risk of being silenced ourselves. Can we answer it truthfully with facts, state our position without threatening…sure. Then back off and get our own house in order.

I really don’t have that much of a feeling one way or the other about waging a public relations war with Barbara Walters. I just do not think it’ll make that much of a difference. I am fortunate in that I don’t watch the view and never have, I only hear about it from some of the main-stream media.

Reading about this, though, I am just sad. Joy Behar, while I’m not sure what her real feelings may or may not be, was simply making a hack joke. Ever since the (let’s face it) self-afflicted wound of the priest sex scandals, comics have taken easy shots at priests. I know, I am an amateur comic myself. While I have WAY too much respect for the priesthood to dare make them a target of sex-abuse jokes, I have heard at least 500 priest/sex offender jokes, not only from stand-up comics but also from TV shows and movies. Sadly, stereotypes are a huge part of stand-up comedy (look at all of the ethnic humor, or the disgruntled postal worker stereotype) and by their horrible handling of the sex abuse scandal, the Church has allowed priests to be stereotyped in the mass media.

This is no way intended to downplay Joy Behar’s despicable, but extremely hack, joke. I just think that instead of going after Barbara Walters that the Church needs to acknowledge the we screwed up and start the long slow road of rebuilding the respect for the priesthood by playing up positive views of the vocation and trying to wage a positive P.R. campaign, not a negative one against Barbara Walters. I could care less about Barbara Walters’ s reputation, but I care deeply about our priests’ reputation.

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