Campaign flier tells blacks in Alabama to vote or face the honoring of ‘klansmen’


Campaign materials aimed at getting out the black vote are featuring references to lynchings, Jim Crow-era signs, racial unrest — and, as of last weekend, the Ku Klux Klan.

In Alabama, fliers distributed in largely black communities warn voters to cast ballots or else “land may be given to extremist groups to honor klansmen.” A copy of the flier was obtained by The Washington Times.

The specter of the KKK comes as the latest example of the rise of racially charged scare tactics aimed at bolstering turnout in the black community, a traditional Democratic Party voting bloc that strategists view as key to winning razor-thin races in an otherwise Republican year.


Well, let’s put this into context, shall we?

THe flier seemed mainly focused around just getting the person to vote. It didn’t really make too many partisan notes.

If we’re talking about the shrillness of attack ads this season, the Dems certainly aren’t the only guilty party.


Which sheds light on the statement by Robert Zimmerman of the Democratic National Committee that voters in some of the red states “hunt Democrats with dogs.” Stay classy, Democrats.


I used to live in Alabama, but from the sound of things…that it’s getting quite vicious on both sides, making me glad I’m not keeping up with this.

It’s sad it often gets so ugly in politics.


I heard that in some country, they didn’t allow their politics to do this. Maybe it was just a rumor, though.


The KKK has historical ties to Democrats, not Republicans. :rolleyes:


Yeah but since liberal voters do not even history, that does not matter.


Surely you are joking. The flyer was only distributed in neighborhoods that vote 90+ % democratic. How is that not partisan?

People must remember that choosing not to vote is still a decision. You can’t justify voting outright for the opposition so choose not to vote. Yes it’s passive aggressive.


Details shmeetails.



Not to malign conservatives, but in the past the Democratic Party was the more conservative, reactionary, states-rights party. The Republicans were the liberals. They switched around the 1930s with the Democratic FDR and his New Deal programs. It only makes sense that the KKK would have had ties to the Democrats. The Democratic Party today is the complete antithesis of what the KKK stands for.


Not at all. The Democrats are still the only major party to push policy based on a persons race and to demand laws that do not treat people equally before a court of law. IT is called ‘Identity Politics’.

The Democrats are still the racists; not to malign any Democrats here.


The GOP initiated robocalls to election judges in Chicago telling them that they weren’t qualified to serve and to not bother showing up… Who’s really playing dirty here? You can’t really claim a sweeping mandate when you do everything in your power to keep people from voting. You should consider changing some planks when you look at your situation and realize that your chances of winning are inversely tied to voter turnout… But I guess it’s easier to just try and keep those pesky voters home instead.


Not everyone is qualified to vote, dude, and so it is a DUTY to keep those who are unqualified from voting.

To not do so allows for VOTER FRAUD.


Most voter fraud occurs in the form of mail in ballots, none of it has the ability to change the outcome of an election, and voter ID laws are a poll tax. I don’t think that preventing the tens of incidents of voter fraud that voter ID laws are able to prevent is worth infringing on the rights of the hundreds of thousand legal voters who they prevent from voting… And neither does the GOP. They know that high voter turnout is bad for their chances of winning.

And how on earth do robo calls telling people that they aren’t needed as poll judges, or telling people that democrats actually vote the next day, or that their polling location has changed help prevent voter fraud?


I’m sorry; you were saying there is no voter fraud or sumpin?



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