Campaign Life Coalition is appalled that Henry Morgentaler should even be considered for the Order of Canada

For those who aren’t Canadian, the Order of Canada is the highest award that can be bestowed on its Citizens and Morgentaler is Canada’s infamous premier abortionist.

How sad. How very sad.

At this late date nothing probably can be done to stop the award.

But should any Canadians be inclined to voice an opinion, there is contact information in this older thread:

Its not too late. Here is some contacts that all Catholics here can employ:

I have already sent in my protest…but this whole situation is reprehensible. :mad: It is like giving Hitler the same award.:mad:

Protesting this will have the same effect as protesting gay ‘marriage’.

Canada has gone so far that nothing short of drastic event or calamity will change our course. Sad but true.

Now we’ve reached the point of honoring monsters and murderers.

Crow is right-its going to take some huge event. But anything is possible.

Never underestimate the power of prayer. Latest update:

It’s been delayed for unknown reasons:

I don’t see anything in the story that says it’s been delayed.

Yes, the CBC didn’t provide a new link when they re-wrote the story. But the article, earlier in the day, did say the decision was being delayed.

Well, now it’s been announced and although there are calls for it to be revoked, that can only be done based on specific criteria, none of which are applicable in Morgentaler’s case.

**Controversial BC priest renounces Order of Canada after Morgentaler honoured **

VANCOUVER - A B.C. priest says he knew his controversial past would surface when he renounced his Order of Canada over the honour being bestowed upon abortion rights doctor Henry Morgentaler.

But Father Lucien Larre says he had to speak out anyway. “I have trouble with Dr. Morgentaler getting the Order of Canada,” Larre said. He said giving Morgentaler the honour “degrades” it and for people who are opposed to abortion, "it’s nothing, it’s a worthless award."

Three requirments for the order of canada were violated.

1 .Morgentaler was denied the Order of Canada two times previously.

  1. Morgentaler’s clinic was suspended for un clean health practices and he was previously arrested and prisoned.

  2. Morgantaler’s did not receive a unanimous decision for this order

Who is to blame for this?

Beverley McLachlin

She sits on the board that made the decision to give the award to Margantaler . In addition, she also sits as a judge on the Supreme Court of Canada, the very place where an appeal must be made. This is an example of political activism at its best.

I think the prime Minster should have the authority to fire people who do not follow the rules. In this case Beverley McLachlin is the one to blame for this. She should be fired along with all the other political activist judges.

In addition, I think the CBC is behind this. For the past year on their website they have detailed the Morgantaler story. I couldn’t figure out why they continued to display this every so often. But, now that he has the order of Canada, they are going to air the documentary they made about him and profit from it. Clearly there is a group of people in power that are manipulating the media and the courts.

This is Mans award, not Gods

Thanks Shoshana for this post. :slight_smile: You have found for us, a brave hero and a leader in Father Larre.
A hero for stepping forward knowing fully that the media would find and print whatever they could find from his own personal history. (he had been pardoned anyhow). People are generally too afraid of contributing to the church because of our past sins. We must take Father Larre’s lead. Every saint has a past, and every sinner has a future.
[FONT=Arial]A leader also because he’s the first I’ve heard to return his order in protest. It’s plain for him to see that the order has been devalued & is now worthless so why not return it… Hope others follow his lead, we will see who the true heros are among the recipients of the order of Canada.[/FONT]

Canada Women Who Had Abortions With Morgentaler Want Award Revoked

**Ottawa, Canada ( – **A leading Canadian group for women who had abortions and have come to regret their decision wants the recent Order of Canada award given to abortion practitioner Henry Morgentaler revoked. The organization sent an open letter Monday to Governor General Michaelle Jean of the Advisory Council.
Denise Mountenay, the founder and president of Canada Silent No More, tells her group is asking for the termination of the Order of Canada

Order of Canada medal returned by Madonna House

On July 8, 2008, the Directors General of Madonna House went to Rideau Hall and returned the Order of Canada medal awarded to our foundress, Catherine Doherty. This is in response to the awarding of the same honour to Dr. Henry Morgentaler.
Below, you can read our press release, followed by our letter to the Governor General:

Order of Canada to be Returned Publicly Tuesday
Peaceful Visit to Rideau Hall For Group Representing Madonna House Founder, Catherine Doherty

We can only hope and pray that more award winner renounce their ‘Order of Canada’ as well. Kudos to those brave enough to do so thus far.

There was a good article in the Sun today by Michael Coren on this:



The Order of Canada was supposed to be a public recognition of service and devotion to Canada.
In recent years it has become a way for the liberal elites to reward their friends and those activists whose politics they support. So in a grotesque paradox perhaps Morgentaler really does deserve the thing.** Future recipients are advised to wipe the blood off first.** [/SIGN]

Thank you for the article by Michael Coren.

I’m surprised no one has mentioned the online petition. Americans can sign at this link. Take a few minutes to help your neighbours to the North. :wink: No need to donate to the petition site in order to sign.

To: Governor General Michaelle Jean and Prime Minister Stephen Harper,

As citizens of other countries, we, the undersigned, firmly believe that the recent appointment of Henry Morgentaler to the Order of Canada should be promptly revoked.

Like the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the Order of Canada is the highest civilian honor. The criterion to be met is “a lifetime of outstanding achievement, dedication to the community and service to the nation”.

However, due to the extremely divisive and morally contentious nature of Mr. Morgentaler’s practice, many people from the international community do not believe his work to be positive, but rather dangerous and controversial. In the eyes of these citizens of other countries, his long career as an abortion doctor has caused grave harm to countless women and unborn children. Taking the life of an unborn child is not something that deserves praise or accolades.

By signing this petition, we are expressing our deep concern over this matter and demand that Mr. Morgentaler’s Order of Canada appointment be rescinded by Ordinance of the Governor General.

As for Canadians, no excuses. The women from the Silent No More Awareness campaign deserve our support. No effort is wasted in God’s eyes.

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