Consistant campaigning for a candidate on the forum is not allowed. You may charitably discuss current news items but you must try to remain objective and not use CAF as a vehicle to campaign for a certain candidate or against a certain candidate.

I am starting to issue warnings and infractions for this.

Catholic Answers does not endorse or oppose any candidate or party. Rather, CA seeks only to explain and defend Catholic moral teachings.

Discussions of politics (discussing particular candidates, asking who to vote for, etc.) among CAF members is acceptable in the World News sub-forum. However, CAF is not a channel that political parties, candidates, or advocates can use to further their political agendas. Please do not post campaign ads or campaign on the forums.

No name calling or belittling anyone, including political candidates. Keep all comments charitable. Participants are strongly reminded that charity is essential to our discussions here.

If you wish to review the subject, please see Charity for specifics, or CAF rules for an overview, both of which are located in the Rules of the Road sub-forum.

News stories discussed here should at least tangentially related to religion. When posting new threads, please keep this in mind.

It is fair to discuss a politician’s or newsmaker’s position on the issues and their qualifications for office, it is not fair to discuss their spiritual well being. Criticisms of a anyone’s spiritual life or spirituality should be left between that person and their spiritual director or confessor. They are not allowed in the forums. If a politician or newsmaker states that they are a certain religion that is the assumed religion of the politician in this forum, please do not question it.

When starting a new thread in a In the News subforum, please start it with a news article from a reputable news outlet. The title of the thread must be the same as the title of the news article.

Op-Eds, blog postings and commentary are acceptable to start a new thread if they contain links to hard news stories or press releases. However, they must otherwise adhere to CAF rules on charity.

Avoid YouTube or other video links as news articles to start a new thread, unless they are a full news report or a full speech from a first source.

Please do not post comments by radio or TV commentators or articles about comments given by media commentators to start a new thread. They are rarely news stories. Commentators are paid to make controversial statements.

If an existing thread is discussing a particular candidate or politician, please try to post on those threads and not start new threads if the discussion is about one of the candidates being discussed in an existing thread.

Keep in mind we are a Catholic forum, not a political forum. And the World News forum needs to have room to discuss world events. If you wish to lobby for a candidate, please do not do it at our site.

Thank you for your cooperation.

This is going to be a long political season, let’s make it a charitable one at CAF.

If a member sees someone campaigning on the forums please send a bad post report.

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