Camping trip with a bible character?

You are renting a cabin in the most beautiful spot in the wilderness of Yosmite National Park and are planning to go hiking, boating, out-to-eat, swimming, toasting mashmallows and a whole bunch of other fun stuff all with a saint or a bible person…

which saint or bible person would you go with?

Moses, Abraham, David, they all had experience camping in the wilderness and would make good camping buddies, wonder what Moses will make of s’mores?

What are s’mores?

A s’more is a toasted marshmallow usually cooked over a fire and a piece of chocolate between two graham crackers. They can be pretty tasty but the marshmallow has to be cooked just right! My method is to set it on fire and just blow it out. :smiley:

Anyway, I would probably pick Moses because I’m really fascinated with his life. It sounds so amazing - being raised by Egyptians, separating the sea, wandering through the desert, etc…

St. Joseph and St. Peter. St. Joseph because he didn’t get enough press and I’d like to know more about him. St. Peter because he was so human - impetuous, couldn’t keep his foot out of his mouth and totally smitten with Jesus. His life with Jesus was one of perpetual shock and surprise. I’d like to hear all about it, get the scoop on the other apostles and hear the ‘out-takes’, the funny incidents that didn’t make it into the Gospels. We’d camp near a lake so he could get in some good fishing.

I’d want to spend it with Mary and Jesus (the age He was at the wedding at Cana… by far one of the best stories in the bible:
Honey… there’s no wine. How about performing a little miracle?
Mommmm, I’m not ready yet…
Ignores Him Just do what He tells you to.walks away:D)

I wouldn’t want to go to Yosemite though… once I was on google earth and saw some random picture of a mountain range, somewhere far in the depths of Russia, and no matter how hard I try I can’t find it! The mountains were blue and sort of jagged, and looked like something from a fantasy book. Not the mention the sparkling, chilly river and the magnificent ancient trees on either side… that’s where I’d ask them to meet me!

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