Can 2 gay Catholic men sleep in the same house and be down in a celibate "relationship"


Hi, I’m asking for a friend who is gay and looking to convert however he didn’t want to live alone, he asked if it would be possible to live in a celibate reastionship with a man. I said no for many reasons but he said he would be able to resist sexual acts. Is there a catechism Reference on this issue? Or a saint quote?


I have issues with the word relationship. If he asked about a male roommate I would be less concerned.


Same with men and woman in a house, the occasion of sin exists and the possible scandal within the community is always an issue.

Think unmarried couples


Why do they both have to be gay? That’s a recipe for disaster.
But your spelling kind of makes it look like a troll post.


[quote=“CHAZER2222, post:1, topic:508061, full:true”] he asked if it would be possible to live in a celibate reastionship with a man.

You’d have to ask him. Right? How would anyone else know whether he can maintain a celibate relationship?


Right, well he said that that it wouldn’t be a “relationship” just nothing sexual, sleep in the same bed ect.


It would be a concern for the scandal it might cause also the near occasion of sin and the possible misunderstanding it would cause for vulnerable younger people.


Don’t worry it’s not a troll post, the spelling errors have been corrected. Well he wants a relationship where try share a bed ect, so the other guy would have to be gay, and I agree it’s a recipe for disaster but he said he would be able to retain from sexual acts.


I don’t think that’s allowed either.


His line of thinking is backwards. If he wants to convert, he will eventually need to conform his life to Christ, not search for a religion that matches his preferences. This is not just about living arrangements. It’s about all aspects of life. He should be searching for Truth, not convenience.


SAME thing for a man and a woman who aren’t married and live together and say OH but we won’t cross the line we will behave ourselves. Ok maybe so but WHY even put yourself within that occasion for sin.


Certainly it is possible. Many monks live in community and are celibate.
If they can live celibate that is great.


It would depend on the person. There is certainly no one-size fits all answer.

But even if there are sexual temptations or mess-ups or imperfections, so? What kind of relationship isn’t without those?

We need to accommodate and accompany LGBT in the Church. The space they currently have is small: Be celibate. We need to be creative and compassionate.


Absolutely not.

We can’t make a blanket rule about it.

There are all kinds of opposite-sex attracted people living together, whether as roommates or whatnot.


I would draw the line at sharing a bed. But it is his soul that is at stake.


But the Church isn’t singling out LGBT individuals. The Church says the same exact thing to heterosexual individuals if single: BE CELIBATE----live chastely! If married: Live your marriage vows----live chastely. If clergy or consecrated religious (Unless the special circumstance of being non Catholic being married and then converting to Catholicism and becoming a Priest in the Catholic Church): BE Celibate. NO preference for one group or the other.


For sure. But they don’t share a bed. That’s nuts.


Yes, they probably shouldn’t share a bed! I misread that part.


I might’ve misinterpreted as well. Maybe they don’t plan to share a bed?


Right, but everyone has relational needs. No one wants to be lonely.

So again, there is no one-size fits all.

Sure, don’t have sex. That’s about where the Church draws the line.

Anything else needs to be talked about in the context of spiritual direction and personal discernment.

Hence I maintain it’s impossible to answer this thread’s question in a one-size fits all way.

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