Can a 13 year old convert to catholicism

Hi :smiley: I was wondering can a 13 year old convert to catholicism, or should I wait until I am 16? Thank you. Sorry, I am very desperate to convert asap.

God bless your young soul :slight_smile: from one youngster to another. the answer is yes. If it is your desire then yes, you can convert to the One True Faith. Talk to your local catholic parish priest so he can help you and guide you on the steps to be a baptized and confirmed Catholic.

:hug1:WELCOME HOME:extrahappy:

Thank you. I just wish my parents will approve because I know how strict they are, they probably wouldn’t but I need prayers please :smiley:

you shall be in my prayers before bed. God be with you :slight_smile:

At least some priests will advise young people whose parents are seriously opposed to theor conversion to wait. I would listen to your priest if this is what he advises you.

I have said a prayer for you my friend :slight_smile:

Thanks for the prayers everyone :open_mouth: should I, also, ask for prayers in the prayer intentions section??

I think your fine here… Besides you were asking a question and a few of us just wanted to say a prayer or two for you :slight_smile:

ok :smiley:


We will all pray for you! But know that you have made a huge leap forward already by expressing desire to join. :smiley:

You can certainly study the Faith, read the Catechism and Bible, attend Mass when possible. Perhaps your parents would allow you to take RCIA classes even if not convert yet.

RCIA = Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults

I will pray so that it happens! God bless you!!!

go for it… you will never regret it…

Hey there, It’s amazing to know there are other teens like me out there :slight_smile:
I’ve just been through what you’re about to go through. I posted someting similar to what you posted on the Coming Home network forums and one of the apologists there replied

‘Without the consent of the person’s parents, by its own law the Catholic Church cannot receive anyone under the age of 18. This law is in place to protect the God-given rights of parents and to assure the maturity of the person’s decision. Civil law varies, but in most countries a person legally becomes an adult around the age of 18 to 21.’

I know this may be the last thing you want to hear, it was devistating for me, but nevertheless it stands to reason.

Assuming your parents will not allow you to enter the church, I would perhaps wait for a bit, not necessarily until you’re 18, just until things settle down. Speaking from experience, making a snap decision to change may lead to much unrest in your family. I was prepared to wait for 5 years but in a year my parents had gotten used to the fact I was becoming catholic and gave me the go ahead, which I expect many reasonable parents to do. The best way to speed up this process is to live your faith, it worked for me. The wait will be hard, but fulfilling :slight_smile:

My prayers are with you, I hope my answer helps, message me if you need anything else, i’d be glad to help :wink:

You might find it harder to get consent for baptism since you are not yet adult but if you let the priest know then He can help you work this out. Your parents may just happen to agree if you have a well thought out conviction/reason of why you want to convert.If they can see that you are committed. Talk to the priest about it all as he may be able to help you through :thumbsup:

Watch this video. I hope it fills your heart with joy and strength to join Christ’s Church. God bless.

Thank you callmechris!

I started down the path around that age …:slight_smile:

In Jesus of Nazareth is true life!

Here are some messages from world youth days with Pope Benedict XVI :slight_smile:

Hello. I am not 13 but 11, I want to convert to catholicism too. I will be praying for you:D

Why was he/she banned?

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