Can a baptized Lutheran recieve Communion at a Catholic Mass?

My best friend has a 14 y/o daughter who was baptized in a lutheran church and she attends that church on occasion. Her father is catholic and attends mass weekly. Last week, he had his daughter with him at church and she went up to recieve communion. Can she do this? I talked with my friend and he admitted he wasn’t sure himself if she could.

In a word, no. The Catholic Church does not allow open reception of Holy Communion. A The child would have had to have been baptized a Catholic and go through catechesis. The communicant also needs to profess Faith in all of the teachings of the Church, including Papal authority, the Blessed Mother and all of the doctrines and dogmas. In other words, the communicant has to be in communion with the Church.

Remember, Lutherans do not believe in the Real Presence as defined by the Church and perceive what they consider communion to be merely symbolic. They also do not believe in the Petrine ministry of the Pope nor do they subscribe to any of our beliefs.

Having said that, there are grave, nearly life-threatening matters where a bishop, under Canon Law, can permit a non-Catholic to receive Our Lord, but, what you described is not one of them.

What the father should do is to have his daughter remain in the pew and make a spiritual commuion, asking Jesus to enter into her heart.

No. If the girl is Lutheran (which is how it appears) she may not receive Communion in the Catholic Church.

You should politely tell your friend that he should instruct his daughter to remain in the pew during Communion. If he thinks it would make his daughter more comfortable, he can stay in the pew with her. We’re not required to receive Communion every time we go to Mass.

This is not true, BG. Lutherans believe that the real presence of Christ is received during the reception of the Eucharist, although not in the same manner as we Catholics. You are correct in that Lutherans do not believe in the real presence as defined by the Catholic Church, however.

As a Lutheran, she is not in union with the Church - so no.

No… she is not in full Communion with the church =\


The answer to your question is: no.

I’ll spare you the details because they’re already being discussed here, but suffice to say that regardless of what you might hear, or someone might have told you, it’s still no.

The Real Presence is not present in Lutheran commemorations of the Lord’s Supper.

That’s not what they believe. :slight_smile:

She’s not Catholic, so the answer is no. Sorry. Her father did wrong in allowing her to go up.

Thank you all. I spoke with my friend and he too thanks you (acutually says he’ll become a member of this site). God bless you all. Thank you again

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