Can a Bishop be a confirmation sponsor?

I was wondering if a Bishop from a different Diocese or an Eastern Catholic Church can be the confirmation sponsor for a Latin Catholic? What about if the local Bishop granted to the parish pastor the faculties to administer the sacrament of confirmation. How would the logistic of the rite work?

Yes the can be. Same way that a priest may also be. They are Catholics, which is the only requirement for a sponsor. So if you have family who’s a Bishop, why not?

I believe in the old Code of Canon Law, there were stipulations that clergy could not be baptismal/confirmation sponsors, but those stipulations are not present in the current 1983 Code.

So there’s nothing canonically standing in the way from a bishop taking on such a role. However, depending upon the situation, a bishop may or may not agree to do so. If he did, the Confirmation would proceed the same way it normally would with the bishop sponsor taking his place beside the confirmand the way any other sponsor would.

What if the bishop was the presiding bishop - would an auxiliary bishop or appointed priest administer the sacrament to this confirmand?

I honestly have no idea. I wonder if such a scenario has ever arisen. :hmmm:

It would seem odd for the bishop to be confirming a bunch of kids and then, suddenly for one kid, he switches gears and the local pastor steps in to administer the sacrament. I can’t see that happening.

If one actually had a bishop as a sponsor, I would think they might not be getting confirmed with a group. :shrug:

I wouldn’t spend too much time worrying about it, though. If I ever did ask a bishop to be the sponsor for one of my children, I would defer to him as to how to handle it. :slight_smile:

The problem is that sometimes I would rather have a good idea of what to expect before asking, especially if the Bishops do not know each other.

It’s hard for me to really give a definitive answer. I think much of it depends upon the temperament of the bishop and your relationship with him. I think most any bishop would not agree to be a sponsor if the presiding bishop was uncomfortable with it, so that needs to be considered as well.

I understand and I agree with what you are saying. That is the reason why I am trying to do some homework even before deciding to ask.

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