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Once again the secular media makes me shake my head and go hmmmm. Can a magazine of Time’s stature be that ignorant of the teachings of the Church? Can a Bishop be TOO Pro-Life? Or has TIme just lost its mind?




Before they pose that question they might want to wait to see who replaces him.

Time is a terrible way to get news…

Sebelius… a [FONT=“Arial Narrow”]Catholic who believes in abortion[/FONT]… or however that stupid article worded it… words very similar to this…

there is no such creature…

Seriously?! Do they really dream that the Vatican is on equal grounds with America? Oh please. This is ridiculous.

And please click on the link below that paragraph. Oh my goodness. Look at pic #4. I nearly died laughing!! First Lady dressed up for the Vatican:Dhaha

Fr. Z does an excellent fisk here
TIME Magazine’s liberal spin of the resignation of Bp. Martino (D. Scranton)

Be nice to see him on the speaker’s circuit, wouldn’t it? Maybe he could be assigned as tutor for many of our more progressive prelates…

Of course. If a Bishop’s “Pro-life” stance is limited to being Pro-birth and ignores the many other issues that make up a “Pro-life” stance, he can lose perspective, the same as any other mortal.

Great - now it’s “pro-birth”.

Look, Catholics can agree/disagree on how to handle the “other” issues. Nobody disagrees that the poor should be taken care of, that we need better health care - where we disagree is how these things get accomplished. One side feels that the Government should take care of these kinds of things - and the other wants less government control. However - where we cannot disagree is that abortion needs to be abolished.

This “Pro-life, from cradle to grave” mentality is a smokescreen to excuse Catholics for voting for pro-choice candidates. It is ridiculous for one to suggest that one isn’t truly pro-life unless they believe the government should have a bigger role in taking care of the poor.

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