Can a body be blessed after death?

My father died suddenly and did not receive last rites. My mother and I are going to view his body tomorrow before he is cremated. Should I have him blessed by a priest first?
My aunt is adamant that I arrange this and I would like to, I’ve just never heard of it and would like to know if it’s customary.
Thank you for any guidance you can give.

The ritual for the Anointing of the Sick contains a section for “Prayers in the Presence of the Body.” While these prayers are not a blessing of the body, they are prayers that are offered for the repose of the individual’s soul similar to what you would hear at a wake. They are primarily designed for when a person passed away before the priest could arrive to administer the Last Rites or if the priest had previously anointed the individual.

They could also reasonably be used for the situation you describe. While these prayers are not a sacrament and are not a substitute for the Last Rites, they can be used to bring comfort to families in situations as you describe. It is not required by the Church that you have such prayers said, the wake, funeral, and committal are sufficient but should your family prefer the prayers be said you could certainly ask a Catholic priest to do so.

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