Can a Catholic be Democrat?

I’m allowed to vote next election, and I am more a democrat than a republican, can I vote for a democrat given the abortion stance? And might I add abortion rates have dropped when there is a Democrat president, and I have proof thanks


Which specific policies of the democratic party appeal to you the most? I am not talking about feelings and sentiments, or the media buzzwords.

Just use the search feature. There have been a ton of “Can a Catholic be a Democrat/Republican?” threads over the years and the subject has been done to death. Not to mention, it never ends well.


I highly suggest that instead you look into the American Solidarity Party.


Economically, I am pro-union and for taxing the wealthier

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Other reasons as wel

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I’ve read some but can’t get clear cut answers

Given the fact that abortion is the single worst issue in America today by the number of victims, a Catholic in good conscience must vote for the candidate who will do the most to end the evil of abortion. Here is a helpful USCCB document on this topic:


I know about that but when it comes down to Trump vs whoever I can’t vote for them (btw I don’t like ALL Democrats)

The ACA in part has helped lower abortion rates to their all time lows and under Clinton and Obama the rates fell while under Busch they were stagnant


Why can’t you?

Forget Democrat and Republican. Both are corrupt. Both are evil. Look up the American Solidarity Party.


One is permitted to vote for a pro-choice candidate, but one can never vote for a candidate because they are pro-choice, only in spite of their pro-choice stance if their position on other issues is considered to make up for it.

Though, if possible, I would recommend eschewing both the Republicans and Democrats and instead backing the American Solidarity Party, as I would say their platform is more compatible with Catholic ethics than either Republicans or Democrats.


I meant to word that differently “those who Catholics oppose would be better”

What do you mean by that?

Okay I will, but are they making any headlines or growing? Hopefully

Seems that a lot of union rank and file support Trump. Not the leadership.

Many Catholics despise democrats, i only know a few in my parish who view otherwise

Because they support the murder of infants. If you don’t like Republican policies, fine, but voting for a party which openly promotes such a horrible thing shouldn’t be on the table.


Because they haven’t been around a while, the new guys in unions don’t understand, trump lied about the manufacturing and industry that he would help start. That’s why he’s not pro-union

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