Can a Catholic buy anything from a Bontanica aka Santeria store?

My aunt bought some replacement moss for my nativity scene from a Bontanica near by, was it a good idea? Should you buy any statues or any non Santeria objects from a Bontanica?

There’s one online where you can pay $3 + shipping for a dried dandelion.

Such a deal!

They also have mist you spray so you attract money. :thumbsup:

That reminds me, that many years ago, in a novelty store, I saw aerosol cans that had nothing in them except gas. They were labeled “Instant Nothing”.:smiley:

If it really is a Santeria store, I’d not go near it, let alone patronize it.

Anything that cannot be had except from such a venue is not worth having IMNAAHO.


Objects have no more evil, nor good associated with them then we, ourselves give them.



The objects don’t. But the purveyors might, and it doth behoove us not to support occultists financially.


Even so, Paul suggests we avoid such things so that we don’t cause scandal for others, leading them to stumble.

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