Can a Catholic in mortal sin validly baptize?

In the sudden event of the impending death of an unbaptized person can a practicing catholic baptize the person if in a situation where there would not be a preist available what if the practicing catholic is not in the state of grace? and also what must we do to make sure we are in constant state of grace?


Even a non-Christian can validly baptize in an emergency so long as that person knows how and intends to do what the Church intends in the act of baptizing. Many non-Christian nurses have baptized the babies of Catholics in an emergency.

One doesn’t have to be in the state of grace to validly baptize. The validity of all the sacraments is not affected by the state of the ministers soul.To remain in the state of grace, all one has to do is not commit a mortal sin.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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