Can a Catholic join an RCIA class?


I’ve been Catholic all my life but recently came back to the faith.

My father has taught me the Catechism through the Baltimore (who remembers that?!) and I’ve read some of the OT and all of the NT as well as some of the CCC. I’ve been going to mass every Sunday as well as some daily masses (when I can).

I see the RCIA classes offered in the bulletin and was wondering if I’d be able to attend these classes even though I’m already Catholic. I do realize that these classes are designed for people coming into the Church but I wondered if these would also be helpful to reinforce a foundation.

Thank you and God Bless.


I’ve never heard of a parish who has a “closed” RCIA prep. In every parish I know Catholics in the parish are encouraged to come to the RCIA prep instructional sessions to help the newcomers become part of the community.


Yes, very helpful. The program will go over the basics and then some more in detail. There’s always sponsors and catechists around to help. At the very least, you’ll make some new friends as you gather together each week.


Absolutely, if it was my church. At my parish, everyone is strongly encouraged to join RCIA if they want to learn more about their faith. We have some folks who are there year after year just to keep learning.

Some parishes might have Faith Formation for adults who are fully initiated instead.

As others have said, you’ll have to inquire at your parish to see what is their preference.


I’d say, ask your RCIA director, in case there’s another program for adult Catholic faith formation that they want to recommend to you as a practicing Catholic.


You will have to talk to the director. We can’t answer this.

In my old parish, that wasn’t allowed. Because they didn’t want the room overtaken by Catholics, making the inquirers uncomfortable or shifting the focus of the catechesis from them. The only Catholics attending RCIA catechesis were the sponsors.

And be mindful that while RCIA does have catechesis, RCIA is much MORE than just classes. It isn’t the place for fully initiated Catholics.

Our parish ran an adult eduction program for adult Catholics to enrich their faith and learn. And also adult confirmation classes for adult Catholics.


Excellent question! Get in touch with your Parish Priest or RCIA director immediately. RCIA is starting/has started in most parishes - I know you’d be welcomed in mine.


I imagine it will vary parish to parish. Our pastor invites parishioners to attend every year.


Generally, in practice the answer is yes, a Catholic returning to their faith may attend.

However, it really depends on the parish. Technically, the parish should have different classes for:

  • Life long practicing Catholics (aka: Adult Faith Formation)
  • reverting Catholics (Catholics returning to their faith)
  • Baptized adult converts
  • non-Baptized adult converts,
  • child converts

However, most US parishes tend to group the last four together.

So the point is: as your parish, as it may different from parish to parish.

God Bless


At my parish they absolutely can. They just have to pay for the class materials.


Yes, they very well might. But ask about it locally, in your parish. A few priests/parishes might have a class available just for folks like you and they might hope to funnel you into that instead. Other parishes will only have the RCIA group and will gladly take you there. I know our priest wishes he had those classes and would funnel people if he could.


I don’t see any reason why you couldn’t attend. Contact them and ask.

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