Can a Catholic marrying in an Orthodox church continue receiving Eucharist?

I am a Roman Catholic woman preparing to get married to an Oriental Orthodox man (we both are from India). My catholic parish priest is not giving his consent for this marriage. The marriage will be held in an Orthodox church. However, what utterly troubles me is, if I will be able to continue receiving Holy Eucharist from catholic churches after my marriage.

Code of Canon Law:

Can. 1127 §1. …Nevertheless, if a Catholic party contracts marriage with a non-Catholic party of an Eastern rite, the canonical form of the celebration must be observed for liceity only; for validity, however, the presence of a sacred minister is required and the other requirements of law are to be observed.

While the Church prefers that Catholics marrying in an Eastern Orthodox Church receive the proper dispensations, it is not absolutely required that they do so. The Catholic Church recognizes the marriage as valid as long as it followed all the proper rules of the Eastern Orthodox Church.

Therefore, since you would be in a valid marriage, nothing would prohibit you receiving communion in the Catholic Church after your wedding.

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