Can a Catholic participate in a Jewish Wedding?


I have been asked by my Father-in-law to serve as one of the hoopa holders in his marrige to a Jewish woman in a Jewish wedding ceremony. The hoopa is supposed to signify the presence of God. I believe my Father-in-law was baptized Catholic as a child, but that’s as far as he’s gone in the faith I think. I am a faithful and practicing Catholic and don’t want to do anything that is frowned upon by the Church. I asked this question in the ask an apologist section but recieved no response as of yet. Does anyone know the Church’s stance on this?


You should ask him if he was Baptized as an infant in the Catholic Church?


I believe he was. Does it change the decision if he was not or if he was baptized as a child?


Do you want to make your father-in-law happy? And I don’t think there is anything in the thinking of the Church which prohibits your participation in a Jewish wedding. God and have fun. La haim!:thumbsup:


As a Catholic I have never been told that I couldn’t go or participate in a Jewish ceremony. On the other hand, I have not been allowed to go into the Synagogue only to the receptions or parties because the Jewish faith will not allow non practicing Jews into the Synagogue. Do you know what type of the Jewish faith he practices? I don’t see any harm or sin in you attending and/or participating in your father-in-laws celebration. You’re not the one actually getting married so you should be fine.:thumbsup:


If he was not Baptized as a Catholic then he is not obligated to Marry according to Catholic canon law. He would be free to Marry anyway his Faith allows. Assuming of course that his first wife has died and he is free to Marry. The only reason you should not participate is if the Marriage would not be valid for some reason.


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