Can a Catholic remarried to a non-Catholic participate as a lector?

I have a Catholic friend who got an annulment from her first marriage and has now married a former Catholic who is divorced. He intends to go through the hoops to be released from his first marriage (she did not call it an annulment but rather a much shorter process). She has been an Eucharistic Minister and Lector for several years and realizes that she can no longer be an EM but thinks it is OK to remain a lector. My Catholic upbringing tells me since she has married a divorced man she is not in grace with God, that she is living in sin. If she cannot receive the sacraments and is in sin, can she still participate in holy Mass as a lector? This really disturbs me. I don’t approve of the marriage until he is fully released in the eyes of God from his previous marriage.

The following link should help answer your question. If you have any further questions, please contact Catholic Answers directly.
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